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  1. Hi, team. I can't figure out how to short during SSR using DAS + CME Group. When I try, DAS throws warnings: Short marketable limit order disabled due to SSR! Short market order disabled due to SSR! The only thing that works is setting a sell limit order at a specific price. But if the price is moving down fast, this is impractical. By the time I enter the order, the price has already moved below the order price. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hey San Diego peeps, anyone want to carpool? I can take three passengers, four if we squeeze. We could meet at the Park and Ride in Sorrento Valley or Cardiff. - James
  3. The candlesticks on my chart are way too short -- like 1mm tall. It's because the chart is showing YY high and YY low, which is way above and below the current price action. How do I zoom into a tighter price range to make the candlesticks taller? Screenshot of my chart: http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/6843/TFkQZY.png Thanks, James
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