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  1. Thanks for the response Abiel, I appreciate it! I imported the script you provided into DAS and in the "Order Script Wizard" tab, the "Stop Type" field is locked/brayed out onto "Market" which tells me there's no way to change to a "Limit". I notice that the "Route" of your script uses "SMRTL" , I can't seem to find a definition for that route on DAS' support site, do you know how "SMRTL" differs from the generic "LIMIT" route? Thanks again!
  2. Before posting this question I scoured this forum and the internet at large to avoid re-asking something that has been answered before but could not find anything! I want to create a hotkey that updates my stop limit to break-even using a limit order that has a trigger price of AvgCost and then a price of AvgCost+0.05. Is it possible or are market orders the only way to setup a stop limit hotkey?
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