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  1. Hey guys! I’m Greg from Buffalo, NY. I have a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics, and I’ve had several different analytical roles during my career path. I have been searching for something that I am more passionate about and I recently started reading up on stock trading - My exposure to stock trading in the past has been minimal, but I’ve been trying to soak in any info I can through books and watching in the BBT chat room and going through the BBT learning courses. I’ve been really impressed with how supportive the BBT community is. I’m really excited to start my trading venture and learn more.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm new to swing trading and just learning the ropes. I have a question about where to place our stop loss level. How do we pick a stop loss level that will not get triggered as a result of a normal price fluctuation throughout a day? I recently was practicing a "paper trade" where I identified a potential opportunity for a short. It's headed in the right direction for me, but I think I placed my stop loss at too low of a price because it was triggered as a result of normal daily price fluctuation. How do you guys deal with this situation? Thanks for your help! Greg
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