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  1. Thanks, @Marek Liyanage I went ahead and ordered it and actually received it today. Now I can start going through the training and watch morning trading next week. Was trying to do it on my phone, but couldn't see any detail on the charts, lol. Thanks again for the recommendation, I figure this will get me through the learning process for sure.
  2. I'm looking for a computer now and was wondering if you've been trading with this much, or if you would recommend it?
  3. Hi everyone, great to be here. I'm new to trading like many of you, and just started investing (far too late in life) early February just before everything tanked and lost almost half of everything overnight, lol. I pretty much laughed it off because I joined the motley fool around the same time and was planning for long term investing anyway. Not to mention, I didn't have much to lose anyway. Just a couple of thousand that I had planned to add 1,000 to each month. Reading their forums I came across someone who said all he was trying to do was increase his account by 1.3% a day, compounding it over time. That comment and YouTube video recommendation led me to another guy who focused on buying stocks for their dividends and some swing trading as a way to build wealth, but it requires you to keep buying stocks. Unfortunately, with everything being shut down now, my income (I drive tow truck), like many others, has tanked to about 50% of what it was, so no new stock purchases for the foreseeable future. So I did some more searching about swing trading and ran across Andrew's day trading book, which I'm finishing up currently. My account on robinhood is now in the positive, thanks to picking some stocks recommended at the MF, and I have actually sold most of it off Thursday and Friday so I can put it aside for day trading. My plan is to learn on the simulator and eventually move that money to a live account. I figured that I really have no idea how long my income will be cut so I may as well spend my time and that small chunk of money trying to grow it as best I can in the mornings before work. With any luck I can go full time in a year or so. Anyway, great to be here and I hope that some day I'll be able to contribute competently to repay what I'm learning now. Edit: sorry for the book, didn't realize I wrote so much.
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