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  1. Hey Brendon, it was multiple hotkeys. It is like it activated all my keys at random. I might be interested in the X key. Who makes it?
  2. Hi All, I posted this in the chatroom but wanted to post here to update and show the files. I have had my streamdeck for 5 months and haven't had any issues with it. Today i only used it to open Tradeideas (have a hotkey for that). I didn't execute any trades with it. So at approximately 10:19 ET I was watching MRNA and had my montage active. I had changed my default account to try some patterns i didn;t want to in live. Thank goodness I had done that as if this occurred in live i woudl have been slaughtered financially. Anyways, I am looking at MRNA on my montage and then all of a sudden orders start flowing like crazy on my screen. So in 30 seconds 617 orders were sent through my screen. I hadn't pressed any button on my streamdeck or even executed an order on my montage. I didn;t realize at first this was in my SIM and thought it was live. Nearly had a heart attack. My heart rate skyrocketed as i didn;t know what was happening. I looked at my streamdeck and all the images in each button was smaller than normal. So i just grtabbed the cord and unplugged. Then realized it was in SIM so calmed a little. Regardless i had to walk away for an hour becuase my adrenaline was running. I have posted the files from my DAS and Streamdeck to show. I will take a picture of my streamdeck when i get the nerve to plug it in again (making sure DAS is closed and network is off). If there is someway i can get a video repoly of it I will try. Will be a video of my near coronary. Anyways, i wanted to post this as a warning. I am not sure if there is a known defect with these but i will never use this one again. Need to call the manufacturer. Side note: I built this PC as a standalone trading system. It has no bloatwware or software except for MS office, browsers and trading software (DAS, Trade ideas, TWS). I don't surf the net on it (execpt BBT and banking sites). So its not a virus or hack. StreamDeck log.txt Das Log File May 19 2020.txt
  3. Hi All, I am on IB and have been using DAS pro for the last few months. However, i have been frustrated with the lag and some minor quirks which have cost me in a few trades. For the most part is works well. I over my hot keys and the order adjustment in the charts. However, I find i only really use the order entry and charting areas of DAS. Has anyone else used any other trade engines with IB? (Such as motivewave, or others)
  4. I have the 32 and love it. I am still figuring out the combination of keys i want to use. But as you said, saves memorizing the keyboard hot key commands.
  5. Hi All, My name is Taylor and I live just outside of Toronto, ON. I have worked for the past 20 years in the financial sector. The last 10 years I have overseen trading technology for investment advisors for a large wealth management firm. However for the last few years I have been dreaming about making a change and day / swing trading has always been a passion. A recent illness forced me to look deep inside and make a decision to take hold of my dreams. While I have intermittently day / swing traded over the years I have been looking at other strategies (like the ones here) and want to see if it's a style that will work for me. I have lots of learning to do and look forward to learning from this community.
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