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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies thus far in this thread. My thoughts for originally posting this was for longer term trades. I would like to be able to set my profit targets and stop and then walk away. As it stands right now, if one profit target hits (if I am short for example) and then hits my stop, I will now have a long position. This is what I am trying to avoid and the cancel/replace hotkey doesn't really accomplish this as I would have to be in front of the computer.
  2. Hello, I currently have been trading in Sim through the discount I purchased from BBT. I am now ready to start trading real money and have an account with IBKR. I am wondering which version of DAS I buy that translates to the version I am using in the simulator through BBT? I believe it is the $150 package but I am not sure because it doesn't look like that includes ARCA, and I thought the SIM did. I am wondering if this is necessary or not? Also, will I be able to use all of the current settings that I have in the DAS Simulator with my new DAS? It took me quite awhile to configure all of the charts and everything the way I liked them. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I am having a hard time to get my stop loss to adjust automatically to the number of shares that I have when I am scaling out. If I have a stop loss set and scale out of a trade the number of shares in my stop loss remains at the original amount, and then if it hits that stop loss it will actually flip my position. For example, I buy 100 shares at xyz at $50 and scale out by selling half my position when the stock reaches $52, leaving me with 50 shares out of my original 100 shares. Now I move my stop loss up on the chart to break even. The stock drops and hits my stop loss but it sells the full amount (100 shares) and now I have 50 shares short, which I didn't want. Is there any way to have my stop loss automatically adjust to the number of shares I have when scaling out? I contacted DAS support and they said there is not and recommended using the script Share=Pos;Replace. I am hoping they are incorrect. The problem with the script is that I need to double click on my open orders to do so, and then that pulls up my STOP position on the montage window, then I hit the hot key, but then my montage window is now on my STOP on my STOP position and I need to manually toggle back to my original position to get my default montage window back before I can start scaling out again. All of which takes a lot of time and is subject to error. Appreciate any answers!
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