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  1. Thanks peter , can u please send me screen shots on my email 14oman@gmail.com
  2. Hi my freind I am new here , I just finished andrew day trading course and now I want to start paper trading. at the moment i cant afford paying 100 USD montly for DAS paper trading , so I want to do it through TWS. Would it be possible for you to help me make my screens in TWS ? Thanks
  3. Hi Aiman Good day , great set up. From yourname i assume you are form UAE :). I am from Muscat and a new member here in this community. Can you share your mobile on email , perhaps i can contact you to know more about setting up trade station :). 14oman@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Good Day My Name is Hamza , I am from Oman. specifically from Muscat. I do travel to Dubai and london very often. I would love to meet any of our community members there.
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