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  1. Hi Jeromy, Thank you for sharing your journey (so far), and your plan moving forward, getting back to basics. I love listening to piano, especially when I am driving during the day. I find it very soothing and inspiring, depending on the piece. The YouTube video of William playing is great, will put it on my preferred list. I totally agree you with you, watching Andrew in the "zone" during opening drive is amazing. The way he moves in and out of positions almost seamlessly without any visible emotions, is something to thrive for, and something we all can learn from. Although I believe, it requires a certain type of personality to do what he does and how he does it. But, as he always says, we all have to find the strategy that suits our personality. Personally, I am not very good, or fast enough for ORBs during the opening drive, try to wait out the first 5-10 minutes to see the chart form. Looking at the bigger picture, zooming out little bit more, gives me bigger confidence and chance for a better R:R. Below is one of my SPCE trades during the day. Do you have a favorite strategy, or set up? BTW, great trading station, plenty of screen space.. Have a great week, Karl
  2. Hi William, I was watching your recent recap on FB trades, and how others traded it. You mentioned a Hotkey setup that calculates your share size based on the set risk automatically.

    Could you share it, send it to me?



  3. Andrew, Here is my trading computer/monitor set up with my standing desk in our office. The window looks out to the pool, but it's just a teaser, as we're still getting snow in May in Rochester, NY. Thanks for founding BBT. You guys are one one of the friendliest and most civilized group of traders. I am glad I joined and hope to contribute to the community in the future. Karl588
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