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  1. Following are actual reports from my account. I had fixed commission rate for few days before I switched to tiered. That's not a lot of trades, on average it's same. Commissions go high for low volume and when you use market or marketable limit orders. There's no one best commission structure, it all depends how one trades. Tiered or fixed, IB does not break down commissions costs. Some of ECN charge pretty hefty fees, there's no single ECN fee value for all executions. Your research further in to this will be insightful. Fixed: Average: 0.00545 Tiered: Average 0.0055
  2. @Taylorhe I have used Motivewave, while it has lot of good on technical analytics, it's not ready for momentum day trading. I discovered many issues, waiting for fixes. I am leaning toward tradingview for technical analysis, Ihave yet to find good execution and trade management software that works for me. DAS is still best in execution, I have heard good things about Sterling Pro and Realtick as well, but they are more expensive than DAS.
  3. I have used Medved trader with Questrade, it's definitely much better than IQ Edge platform that Questrade provides.
  4. I am also guilty of taking risky trades which I would have never done with my live account. I agree with Carlos' suggestions and add following to make challenge as close to reality as possible. Limit position size to Max 25-33% of equity (Can DAS enforce?) Limit Max Loss 2% of equity per trade (Auto stop), example: For $30,000 equity. Max loss $600 per trade Limit Max Loss 10% of equity per day (Auto stop), example: For $30,000 equity. Max loss $3,000 per day. This way, PDT rule triggers after two consecutive days of losing @ Max Loss Use IB Fixed rate commissions ($0.005 per share, min $1 per trade), No ECN fees. These limits may seem too restrictive for game trading, but are very generous for real life trading. Also, I think it will be good idea to allow people to post their trade log for challenge everyday so we can learn from each other's trade activity.
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