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  1. Marcel thanks for sending this. Just to clarify for everyone. Marcel setup a phone messaging group that we used for maybe 2 months now, but we are not able to add some phone numbers and we don't know the reasons. It could be some problem with imessage on iphone. Please if you want to join the whatsapp BBT CO group go ahead and shortly introduce yourself so we know who is who. This morning we had a bkfst meeting - Marcel, Brian and me. I really enjoyed it, it was a very lively conversation. We hope more people can join next time.
  2. 4-5 of us have scheduled to meet for breakfast on Sunday, Sept 15th, 8:30am at the Bacon Social House, 2434 W 44th Ave, Denver, Co 80211. If anyone else in Colorado is able to join please do. Cheers nik
  3. Can everyone that can make it this weekend confirm here and let us know a preferred date - 14 or 15 Sept? Lets not wait till the last moment because we can all make other plans for the weekend if this does not work out.
  4. just recently started recording recaps with OBS. But I cant figure out how to make OBS capture Epic Pen. Looked all over forums on the web and tried all suggested. Nothing worked. I have an AMD video card. Has anyone experienced and solved that problem?
  5. Marcel, I am not sure what you mean by 'do something'. Just have a local meetup or organize something larger where we can invite BBT Andrew and other BBT moderators? We have discussed tentatively that we may meet Sept 15 in the morning for breakfast. Would that work for ppl in Denver metro and other parts of Colorado? If to invite moderators we need to be very serious before we do this and know for sure, almost 100%, who is coming.
  6. paint keyboard hotkeys I saw my daughter painting with these acrylic paint markers and decided to try a trick. Cheap MSFT keyboard. Decided to not paint on top of keys so it does not annoy me when I touch the keys. I uses SHIFT as the main auxiliary key for all. I enter a position as a % of BP. My hotkeys to exit a position use SHIFT only to remove liquidity and CTRL+SHIFT to add liquidity.
  7. meetup tonight CANCELED A few people canceled today and the rest of us that were sure we were going now decided to cancel too.
  8. Actually as I was scrolling through the pages your setup was one of my favorite ones.
  9. everyone on all message forums is discussing Blue Moon for this Thursday. I say we finalize it. DollarBill hopefully this works for you this time. Next time we can meet some other place. (I live 5min away from Rock Bottom ) ==================================== 6pm, May 30th, 2019 Blue Moon Brewing Company 3750 Chestnut Pl, Denver, CO 80216 ====================================
  10. rock bottom or blue moon? Let's finalize location and ask Abiel to announce it in Alerts. Dave, Marcel created a message group. He will probably add you to it today. There we have been agreeing to go blue moon this time.
  11. since we have people all over the metro I agree meeting at Blue Moon makes most sense. Then we can discuss other location/s for next time once we meet. 6pm on the 30th works for me. Nik (303) 332-8166
  12. I was also thinking the 30th. In Broomfield 'Rock Bottom' (104th/36) is not a bad choice. I also know two good Mexican restaurants. If downtown Denver we can go to Blue Moon Brewing Company - it is spacious and great choice for brews, has parking space too. If you want to meet for coffee I am not sure what is a good place; please suggest something.
  13. definitely afternoon or evening, I can be flexible in this zone on Thursdays. I don't have a preference whether just for coffee or grab a beer. Depending on other people availability and preference. I am in for anything.
  14. How about any of the next three Thursdays - 16, 23, or 30 May? Are other people available to join?
  15. hi guys, just checking if anyone can recommend a tax accountant in Denver metro that is familiar with the trading specifics as outlined by GreenTraderTax. thanks nik
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