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  1. 24.Sep.19 Red day. -2r. Watchlist: $ROKU, $PDD, $SNAP, $ENPH and $BB. I really liked $BB for the rising devil setup, but it didn't happen today. Trade1: $SNAP had gapped up and was bullish. Took ORB at the open after a strong bull candle. I am using Kyle's hotkey now and made a mistake, went short instead of long. Got out imm. Went long on the pullback again. Price spiked 20c (which is a lot in $SNAP). I actually had a Range order for 2R, but the price din't reach my target and dumped. I noted the 1min shooting star, but held on to get stopped out. Just saw the recap from Andrew, he took long at the exact same position as me, but partialed at HOD, unlike me. Trade 2: $PDD had gapped down. It opened strong, but dumped after hitting 20MA on daily. I took VWAP pullbackshort, but the stock moved very slow with low volume and not much action on L2. I got out as per my rule, that if the price doesn't move in my direction quickly at the open I get out. Good: I have started using @KyleK29 hotkeys and really like them. A big shoutout to him. I managed my trades well today. Improvement: I had my 2R range order on $SNAP, but the price din't get there. I thought about partialing once at HOD, din't do it. Stayed in the trade even after seeing the shooting star on 1min.
  2. hi Greg! I thought you din''t trade today, was looking for you in the chat. Totally agree with you, today is the kind of day when people hit maxloss or even blow up their account. It''s nice to realize that and take a backseat. Although I feel I missed some good setups because of not looking at the right stocks, check $BABA (check 5min ORBD), $FB (15min ORBD) and $NFLX (5min - 200MA reversal). These are setups I trade.
  3. 23Sep19 Greenday. +1.5r. I have been trying to be very patient now and trade only setups. I took only 2 trades today, both didn't give me huge moves, I got out for small profit. Watchlist: $X, $ROKU, $TEVA and $OSTK. Trade 1: $X. $X had gapped down at the open and selling before the open. I was expecting to catch the Rising devil, but the setup didn't occur, $X was very strong today. I waited. At 11AM, the price hit 50MA on 30min (also 200 on 5min), created a hammer. As I was already Short biased, took short. Took one partial, but the stock was strong so got out before my SL. 0.5r Trade 2: $BHGE. Another reversal setup. 5min cfreated a hammer at a daily level $24.3. Took it short once again, the price didn't drop as I expected, so got out for +1r profit. Good: I felt the market was difficult to trade today, took my first trade after 1.5hrs. Although both my trades didn't go my way, I read the price action and closed my position before SL, making small profit. Improvement: Happy with my trading (or lack of) today. I missed the ORB on $AMD, this is one of my setups.
  4. Hi Rob, Thank you, Glad to be back again. Hope my time-off do wonders for me now.
  5. Because price goes up and down all the time, every pattern may appear to be an ABCD. In my view, a typical ABCD pattern needs more consolidation between B and C and works when there is medium/low momentum. This pattern is specifically for the open when there is big momentum and not a lot of consolidation except a small pullback.
  6. Yes. I have good success rate with this setup, although no setup is guranteed to succeed all the time. And when it aligns with Harmonious charts (with ATL/ATH), we can expect big RRs. Lot of people in our chatroom and outside take similar setups (3C setup, 3Bar play etc.,) they are slightly different, but the core concept is same.
  7. 18Sep19 Green day. +1r. Kept it light today, as I am back after 3 weeks. Just one trade on $FDX. Watchlist: $FDX, $ROKU, $CHWY, $GIS. Trade1: $FDX. Gapped down due to earnings. Stock was selling off till the open. It offered the Rising Devil setup at the open. I took an entry after confirmation and got out at 2r.
  8. Nice Trades. I like your $LCI trade, because the setup was perfect, hammer on 2min, it also created a bullish engulfing candle on 1min. Your entry was perfect too at the end of the wick and you stopped out as per plan. Like everything about this trade. On the $AMD trade, I would have easily missed that spinning top, but you were spot on. The spinning top (or an inverted hammer, but it doesn't matter) is actually a sign for reversal, so other traders might have traded it for long with the stop at LOTD. Also, the lower wick on the 2min candles indicates buying pressure. But it's easy on hindsight and I would have taken it for short too at that moment and played it as VWAP pullback Short. Just my 2 cents, for what it''s worth. Stay Green!
  9. You are making some nice trades on $AAPL, Nice flipping to your position. Stoping out is no fun, but $AAPL was so wicky yesterday very difficult to put your stoploss.
  10. I will not be trading for the next 3-4 weeks, due to an unexpected travel, may join the chatroom once in a while, when I find time. Stay Green everyone!!
  11. I think there are 2 kind of setups. One is high Reward setup (with high/medium accuracy) and another one is high accuracy setup (Reward may not be huge). I think Thor trades the 2nd setup. It is very good, when we can find one or two accurate setups and trade them well with proper trade management (Entry, Stop, Partial etc.,). Thor manages the trades very well. If the setup is not accurate or the trade is not well managed often, then overall it's not good for long term returns. The setup also has to occur frequently everyday. Lol, Tweets are running the markets nowadays, overriding the fundamentals and technicals.
  12. @Greg D , @Rob C @Glenn BuddeThank you guys for the feedback. Appreciate it. I am doing fine, it wasn't such a bad day, I overtraded and got really mad at myself. Thanks for reminding me that it is still part of the experience. I always believed that for someone to be consistent in trading, it takes time and experience, which was exactly why I kept my risk very small while starting up. So I am paying less to gain more experience and make any corrections without blowing up my account. @NinjaTrader I was actually more confident about my plan after Marek confirmed soon after I created it.
  13. Hi Greg. Thanks. If there is one thing I am good at, it is Stopping out .. I liked $CRON, because if you look at the open, it already went below the PCL and Ylow, and then pulled back. Kind of like slingshot. So I thought it would be Bullish today. It did, but the volume was so low and it moved slowly until noon. Then it picked up late noon. Thank you I corrected the date now.
  14. 26Aug19 Red day. -2r. In summary, it's a continuation of Friday, and more choppier. Today I traded with lot of disturbances so stopped trading after a while. Watchlist: $CRON, $AMD, $TGT, $FL, $CGC. Was long biased on both $CGC and $CRON due to daily. Trade1: $CGC. At the open pricie couldn't break down, 5min created a hammer, so took it long. Volume was too low so price was very volatile and irregular. Got out and price dumped. Trade 2: $CGC. Around 10AM price found a bottom, and created an indecision candle on 5min also. Took it long, all reversal signs, but got stopped out. Trade 3: $RKDA. Took a Fallen angel setup after the price broke thru the resistence and opened above support. Trade 4: $CRON. Took long after the price bounced off 200MA on 5min and opened above. Price dumped and stopped me out. Good: Trade setups were good. Also with lot of disturbances during Trading I stopped. Improvement: Just reemphasizing on taking only few setups.
  15. 23Aug19 Red day. -5r. In summary, today I found the stocks to be choppy and so my usual patterns didn't work. Today was the day for scalping, I realized it very late. Atleast, that's how I read it. I had many trades, where I had 1 to 1.5R move before turning into a loss, resulting in overtrading. Watchlist: $TGT, $FL, $GPS, $HPQ, $PINS and the usual $AMD and $MU. Trade 1: $TGT. I was short biased on $TGT, esp it moved 20% in the last couple of days. it gapped down at open and selling. Offered a pullback, which was also a shooting star. I took short but got stopped out twice. Formed a double bottom on 1min, good for long that I missed. Trade 2: $FL. my best trade of the day. Short below VWAP on a gapped down stock. Added after the gravestone doji on 1min. My partials were good. After my exit, president tweeted and all the stocks plunged including $FL, I had no shares left. Trade 3: $GPS. there was no setup, trading based on price action. Took it long at the low of the candle to high of the candle, which also aligned with 50MA on 5min. Got all out. I think it broke the triangle (which I don't play) and keep moving beyond my exit. Trade 4: $FL was very extended, also bottoming, so I thought of reversal and took it (in the air - no support levels below). This was my bad trade of the day. I wish atleast I bet my money in taking a trade during SPY crash. I tend to avoid it, as that price action is very volatile, but this trade was worse. It was Noon. I should have stopped here, with approx +1r. But I continued to watch the market and keep taking more trades, which I am not proud of now. Trade 5: $GPS. Took reversal after price bottoming near 200MA on 15min. only 6c stop. I got my 2R, but waited for larger move and got stopped out. Trade 6: $AMD. Took reversal on MA cross. scaling into position, got stopped out below MA, but it reversed. On 2nd trade one partial, but price action was not clean and chopped me up again. I shouldn't have planned my trade in the usual way, I should have got AON out on my 2nd trade. My pschychology is messed up now, I took 3 more trades on $AMD, just by price action, 2 losers (includes 1R move which I didn't take to get stoped out) and 1 winner. Took some trades on $GPS and $MU small losers, but they got accumulated to -5r loss. Good: Nothing much, except I was able to handle the mental and physical workload of taking so many trades. I am happy with most of the trades and how i cut down loss per trade. Improvement: I need to stop at max loss or daily target. I need to keep max trades/day too. I think I am slowly getting addicted to trading. I need to remember at the end of the day, I am doing this to make money and not for winning the market.
  16. 22.Aug.19 Green day. +4r. Decent Trading day. Watchlist: $TGT, $LB, $DKS, $JWN, $LOW. Trade1: $LB. Had gapped down on daily, also selling at the open. At the open, i took it short below VWAP, got stopped out. After the price bounced off 20MA took another short. Partialed at 2R, 3R. overall at daily target after this trade. My best trade of the day. Trade2: $DKS. $DKS had over 30% short float and also gapped up on the daily. Usually this tends to make the short sellers cover their position which results in lot of buying. But $DKS was still weak at the open, I hada bias that it would reverse. i took 2 long positions and covered after 2R. Price was choppy after that. I was at +5r for the daily. Should have stopped trading. Trade3: $JWN. Gapped up on the daily, very strong at the open. Noticed 3 shooting stars on 1min, aligning with a doji on 5min. Took it short and got 2R. On hindsight, I could have taken it long, where I exited (5min hammer at 9MA) as it was a beautiful trend trade all the way to 31.1(from 30.4). I was up 6R now and still trading. Trade 5: $TGT. Took it long on the Trend trade, was not optimistic about the move as $TGT was already extended. Got 2R/4R. but price moved another 50c (6Rs) beyond my exit. Trade 6: $LOW. I was short biased from yesterday. Once the price broke VWAP I took it short to the LOD. There were no tech support levels to the target. Unfortunately, didn't workout, as it was VWAP false breakout. Trade 7: $GPS. My worse trade of the day. There was no real setup. I just wanted to ride the price long towards 17.77 level. Got chopped up and had 1.5r loss. Should not have traded this. Good: Good trades and finished the day well overall. Improvement: I can't resist trading now. The moment I see a good setup I jump in. I need to find a way to cut down # of trades.
  17. 21.Aug.19. (Didn't trade on 19, 20th Aug due to vacation.) Green day. +2.5r. Back from vacation today. Thought I'd just watch the action, but ended up taking some trades. Watchlist: $PDD, $TGT, $LOW and $CREE (copied from Andrew and Brian) Trade1: $CREE. Took reversal on $CREE after the price bottomed at Noon. Half share size, so added to the position post reversal confirmation. I change my Stop after the add and I got stopped out . Original stop would have kept me in the trade till VWAP. But that is my rule and I am just following my rules for now. Trades 2&3: $CREE. Another 2 longs but didn't like the price action yet. Was watching for setup. Trade 4: $CREE, Main trade, Observed that the stock was trending up. So took Long when 2min/5min hammer appeared. Stop was below 50MA on 2min (40c). Got 1R partial (40c). Now my stop moved to 20c (hammer candle). Got my next partial at VWAP (80c move). Average 2.5r. Trade 5: $UBER. Took Long after the 200MA bounce off 15min. Target was VWAP (4R for a 5c Risk). price moved 3R and dumped, got out at 1R move. Good: Good day after coming back from vacation. Was in control in all the trades. Improvement: Was planning to only watch today, made some good calls in $MU and $ROKU after the open. Couldn't resiste myself, so made some trades and they turned out ok.
  18. 16.Aug.19 Red day. -1r. Not a great day today. But loss limited to 1r, despite bit of overtrading. I will not be trading next week as I am on vacation. Keeping my journal short today, due to travelling. Watchlist: $NVDA, $AMD, $AMAT, $GE $NVDA: Trade 1: Traded in the premarket, biased for Long. Took profit and got greedy, increase sharesize and got stopped out. Trade 2: When the price bounced off 200MA 1min, took a position for long, got stopped out (as I was waiting for $NVDA to reverse due to my bias) Trade 3: Took Long after price bounced off multiple times at 50MA 15min, Good partials too. Added in between, hence stopped out at BE. Price reached my final target of VWAP. $GE: Traded $GE as a follow up to yesterday. Didn't trade cleanly today. $AMD : Traded $AMD when $SPY surged on a news. Scalped the move. Good: Nothing much except kept the loss tight. Improvement: Today was the first time I breached my rule in Premarket (share size). Breaching a rule in premarket disturbs the whole day. STAY GREEN!!!
  19. Very nice trade on $AAPL, both planning and execution. Looks like price respected your strong daily level at 203.73, do you think about entering the trade again when it formed ABCD on 1min.
  20. 15.Aug.19 Green day. +3r. Watchlist: $BABA, $CSCO, $GE, $WMT, $CGC. I traded only $GE as it was in play on a negative news and i found it trading very well. Trade1&2: $GE. Gaped down daily, due to news. Took it short on the pullback, got stopped out. Three 1min candle appearing to go high with long lower wick, Flipped position for Long, got stopped out again. Very small sharesize. Total loss -1r. Trade 3: $GE. Price bounced off 50MA 1min, took it short with a stop of 8c (above 50MA 1min, where it bounced). Took partial at 2r. Exited all on a new 5min high. Best trade of the day. Trade 4: $GE. Took short below VWAP after doji on 1min, price didn't dump, so gotout for 0.5r. Trade 5: $GE. $Price moved to 200MA on 1min, bounced off, I took it short. Very good trade. Entry - $8.39, Stop - 4c, Partial at 2r, 5r, 8r. Good: Managed the emotions and trades well. Didn't overtrade. one of my best days. Improvement: Missed some move on $GE as ran 30c beyond my last partial, could have kept 5% to run till the end. But overall happy about the day.
  21. Very nice trade on $AMD. Great entry and AON exit.
  22. 14Aug19 Red day -0.5r. I was down -4r, but managed to recover some of it. I overtraded a bit, but saw genuine setups and went with only half share size. Watchlist: $ROKU, $M, $UBER, $MYGN and $INMD apart from usual stocks. Trades 1&2: $ROKU. I noted $ROKU was strong in Premarket, after bullish trend on 5min. It opened with a hammer on the 1min too. So took it long, but got stopped out, with some slippage. Then it formed an Engulfing on 1min also ABCD pattern, so went long. But 5min seemed to be bouncing off 50MA, I was lucky to get out immediately and avoided the big dump. I couldn't flip my position. Trades 3&4: $M. $M had gapped down due to poor earnings. I took ORBD, got stopped out (should have got out earlier after 1min engulfing/5min lower wicks.), flipped my position and partial till VWAP. Trade 5: $M. My Best trade of the day. I noted ABCD pattern on 5min took it long, added to my position and exited above 50MA on 5min. Kurt also had similar trade and a recap today. Trade 6: $M. Another trend trade, after price bounced off 50MA on 1min. Added to my position and partialed too much. Trade 7: $BAC. 2 trades, one for reversal and another one flipping position, both losses. Good: was overtrading so moved away from the system. Later in the day, found some good setups and took them with small share sizes. Overall, good recovery after the opening loss in $ROKU. Due to small share sizes, losses are small. Improvement: Overtrading today. I cut my losses short, but I have to reduce losing trades, need to check my %losing recently.
  23. 13.Aug.19 Green day. +2r. Took only 3 trades today, as I couldn't be available at the open. Watchlist: $ROKU, $JD, $TWTR and $RKDA, $DCPH, $CVET Trade1: $ROKU. Was strong today for the 3rd consecutive day, I took micro size at premarket close to VWAP. Risk was 0.1r only. Exited before the open, got .5r profit. Premarket trading is almost like trading in slowmotion. Only risk is the volatile price movement and the risk of going beyond the stoploss. It is important to have very good entry and proper share size. I was expecting the price to go down af the open as it was too much extended, but $ROKU opened strong but sold off. $ROKU has formed a shooting star on the daily at the close. Tomorrow, i expect it to break down finally, after the bull run. Trade2: $JD. I missed the open, waited for a good setup. It occured on $JD at 12PM, I saw the ABCD pattern on the 5min and also a hammer. Took it long. Was patient with my partials. I saw lot of ask at the $30.5 level, din't want to get caught in that, so exited just before that. +2r. Trade3: $CRON. Watched $CRON hitting 200MA on 15min, was tempted to take short although I was done for the day. Took it with half share size, it moved with SPY and got stopped out. -0.5r Trade4: $CVET. Took reversal on $CVET, realized I was on SIM after the entry. Treated it like a Live trade. Got 2R/3R. Good: I waited patiently after missing the Open, I took my first trade only after 12PM. No FOMO, when other members were making trades. Today was an excellent day to trade the open, I felt. Improvement: Happy with my trading today.
  24. 12.Aug.19. Green day. 1.5r. Decent trading day, esp on a Monday. Watchlist: $MU, $ROKU, $GGAL, $AMD and $RKDA (LF/LP). I didn't trade till 9.45AM, as I couldn't find any pattern. Trade 1: $TS was setting up for 9/20 MA cross above 50MA, I took Long small share size got out for a small profit. Trade 2&3: $MU. Took break of the wedge setup. This is not my A+ setup, so again took half sharesize. Got stopped out, flipped my position and got out for BE. Price couldn't break 50MA on 5min. BE. Trade 4: $GGAL. One more Wedge setup, again half the share size. Stock stopped me out, and went in my direction. Slippage was very bad 10c. -1.5r. Trade 5: $AMRN. My best trade of the day. Took a reversal, after price appeared to be bottoming out and forming double bottom. I preempted the setup a bit on 15min for the price to break the previous candle. Targeted 2r and Got 2r. I should have gone with Double share size (to the risk R). +2r Good: Decent trading day. Improvement: Good trading day, if only I could get rid of that slippage, but it happens. Also, remember to increase the sharesize, when my A+ setup appars ($AMRN).
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