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  1. October 19th is great for us too - it's our only free Saturday that month.
  2. I'm in. Will bring the hubby along too - he would like to start trading also after I've become more consistent. - Kelly & Dan (Keska)
  3. First two days were great! You've definitely found a great place to learn. My first two months in sim were a rollercoaster, but the third was very consistent. The following are things that really helped me: - Read Andrew's first and second book twice and keep them on hand for reference - Journal at the end of each trading day (I'm a bullet point person, so just summarized each day's trades, positive things I did that I wanted to repeat, and negative things I wanted to change for the next day) - Attend every one of Andrew's live classes and webinars, even if you've seen them before - Read a few other books. The Daily Trading Coach I now read one lesson at the start of each trading day - made a huge difference for me being consistent. - Treated sim as real trading time. Only did "crazy stuff" for two days :). Logged into chatroom and simulator every single day market was open, half an hour before open. Best of luck to you! ~Kelly S (Keska)
  4. Hi All - My name is Kelly S. "Keska" . I live in the STL area and have been a member since June. I just finished the 3 months in simulator and am going live this week. Thanks to Andrew and the community for helping me feel prepared and excited to start something new!
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