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  1. This thing is the beez kneez if anyone is thinking about getting it. Well worth it in my opinion. Thanks Jason H. for sharing your icons!
  2. Howdy all, My name is Morgan but I go by Sterno most of the time (former callsign that has followed me around). Like most everyone, I started to look into day trading for the freedom it offered and came across Andrew’s book. It was well written, easy to follow and, to me, gave a clear path to success. After some research into other programs, I came back to Andrew’s and have never looked back. Luckily, I live in the Pacific Northwest and am able to trade for 45 min every morning before I have to leave for work. I started the sim a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying the process. I am a former fighter pilot and, believe it or not, the processes are similar in a lot of ways. Both entail discipline, the need to read and react quickly under pressure and constant practice. Our missions consisted of planning and briefing, executing the mission then coming back and debriefing to see how we did executing the plan, was it a good plan, how did we react to changing circumstances, etc. Every single flight was a learning experience and most of the learning came in the debrief. I see day trading as very similar (minus the risk to life J) As traders we preplan prior to the open by looking for stocks in play, reviewing what strategies we are going to use, reviewing entry cues, reviewing our rules, etc. We then execute our plan after the market opens and when we are done for the day we review our trades to see how we did in executing our plan (or at least we should). Not just did we win or lose but where did we do well and where could we have done better. Anyways, I look forward to gaining experience and participating in the community. Everyone here is helpful, humble and it is because of the example Andrews sets. I hope to eventually create some checklists for debriefing each trade (again applying what I know from my past) and look forward to sharing them for feedback. See you all around chat!
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