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  1. So I’m a lifetime member and have watched Roberts videos on YouTube but now that I’m trying to find them here they are “unavailable”. I’m pretty sure I’m just not looking in the right place and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the appropriate place for a question but I can’t find anywhere to ask the staff questions either.... please excuse me.
  2. Why are these videos unavailable????
  3. Robert,

    can you explain to me how to set up a 15 min chart hotkey in das? also how to change the number of bars on my 1,5,15,60,and daily charts?

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Go to menu Setup > Hotkey.

      From there, double click a line to edit that hotkey.


      Here's the command text for easier copy/paste.

      1 MIN CHART 1 day    F1    MinuteChart 1 2d; NumBar 30
      5 MIN CHART 1 day    F2    MinuteChart 5; NumBar 24
      15 MIN CHART 15 day    F3    MinuteChart 15; NumBar 16
      DAILY CHART    F4    DayChart 1d 365d; ZoomFit

    2. ebenezer


      thank you Robert!

      so i dont need to fill in the "script" in the script builder? or are the commands above the "script?


    3. ebenezer


      i figured it out. thanks again! your posts are really helpful!



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