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  1. Robert,

    can you explain to me how to set up a 15 min chart hotkey in das? also how to change the number of bars on my 1,5,15,60,and daily charts?

    1. Robert H

      Robert H

      Go to menu Setup > Hotkey.

      From there, double click a line to edit that hotkey.


      Here's the command text for easier copy/paste.

      1 MIN CHART 1 day    F1    MinuteChart 1 2d; NumBar 30
      5 MIN CHART 1 day    F2    MinuteChart 5; NumBar 24
      15 MIN CHART 15 day    F3    MinuteChart 15; NumBar 16
      DAILY CHART    F4    DayChart 1d 365d; ZoomFit

    2. ebenezer


      thank you Robert!

      so i dont need to fill in the "script" in the script builder? or are the commands above the "script?


    3. ebenezer


      i figured it out. thanks again! your posts are really helpful!


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