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  1. @peterB this is awesome, thank you for sharing. I messaged DAS support about this and was told that it may be possible with the new advanced hotkey setting. I'm assuming that the "hotkey advanced script" must be enabled in the general configuration for these to work. Is that correct? How were you able to figure out the variables or inputs needed for coding the script? Did DAS provide you with that list? I am working on a concept that involves using a % of my buying power to trade multiple tickers at a time. Lets say I want to put 3 trades on at once using 1/3 of my buying power for each trade. The problem with this is that the buying power will reduce by 1/3 after the first position. Then the second position will only be using 1/3 of 2/3 of the initial buying power. I'm wondering if there is an input variable for "initial buying power". If not, I suppose it could be done using "account equity" multiplied by 4 or whatever buying power multiple you have, then divided by 3. Does that make sense? Side note: while I was messing around with different configurations I enabled the "advanced hotkey" option and then found that the default hotkey functions were disabled like holding "shift" and drag to zoom on chart; or using the directional arrow keys to zoom and scroll a chart. Is that the same for you?
  2. Hello BBT My family and I will be travelling to Vancouver in our RV. We are outdoor people who prefer to stay in a rural campground and not in the city. We also hike several times a week. A typical hike for us is around 5-6 miles maximum as we have two kids with us. I am posting this to see if anyone is planning to do any hiking or outdoor activities that would be good for meeting up and talking trading.
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