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  1. In regards to: Prerequisites 3. Pre-market volume and price action is tradable. I believe all of the members would enjoy and take a lot out of a class on this topic. BBT does a great job teaching, but I feel there has not been a lot of emphasis on how exactly to read the premarket action. I know Andrew goes over it every morning as he builds the watch list, but its so fast and I don't get exactly how his mind is working when it comes to reading the premarket. Thanks for this list Robert H, its great. I'm a huge fan of videos that I can go back to and view over and over again. A video with examples for each of these bullet points would be fantastic. Yes I'm being greedy with wanting all of these videos, but I think it would be a huge help to everyone. Cheers, -Joshua L
  2. I'm still confused. I went to Setup > order templates The default order info is throwing me off. AON/ANY... what does that mean? time in force... what should I put? Account... I should then select my real account if I want to always trade in that account by default? So then what If i make a trade in my real account and then want to switch to my simulator... I have to come back to this setup and switch it there?
  3. So since CMEG does not provide 6:1 for shorts but Sure Trader does provide 6:1 for shorts, and sure trader is offering the $2.95 per trade deal for bear bull members just like CMEG, it seems like Sure Trader is the better deal?
  4. So I need to sign up for an "Active trading account" and not a "standard account", correct?
  5. Hello all, I'm Josh (Joshua L in the chat). I have recently started my three month DAS simulator trial. I am wondering if anyone has created a week by week goals list. For example, week one - learn this, week two - learn that. So by the end of 12 weeks we are proficient traders (at least as much as possible). I think this would really help us new comers get the most out of this program. Also, I wasn't sure where exactly to post this thread. Thanks!
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