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  1. Hello Has this script been released? I am looking for this one and will pay for it. I short stocks and I keep R fixed and add in the money + move my stop, 3 to 4 times. It would be amazing if i could execute with the hot key instead of doing the calculations in excel then manually entering. Thank you!
  2. Hello All, I was wondering if there is a key for the short side. Where i can incoroprate adds. For example Short side...Stop loss 10 dollars, Entry 9.50, Add at 9.25 move stop to 9.75, . Is there a key that allows one to do this for example multiple times? I usually move my stop down keeping R the same and my stop 3/4/5 times.
  3. @Abdul @Julien Maisan @Abdul Sultani Hello Gentleman, did anyone get this working? I trade similar and scale into my positions, it is horribly inefficient for me to enter my position then have to use excel to figure out my adds and new stops lol I usually add 4 or 5 time to my short position (primarily short bias). Would appreciate all and any help, and will pay to get this script.
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