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  1. Thank you very much Peter. I thought that I responded yesterday, but apparently it didn't go through. I appreciate your explanation and your help!
  2. Hello all. Sorry for the Necro post, but can someone answer a (probably) silly question? A few days ago in the BBT Chat during market hours, one of the moderators told a member (I believe it was James) that using Kyles Dynamically Calculated Shares hotkey. I got the script and tested it out. It works how I understand it to work, but then while reviewing some of the dastrader pro setup videos, I re-watched the 1:2 Risk Reward hotkey video. This seemed to be more inline with what I originally imagined doing when I first read Andrew's book. So I searched for the Hotkey and found this thread. This thread mentions a third script, Equalized Risk Per Trade Script, but I am unsure if it is essentially the same thing as the dynamically calculated shares hotkey? If its not too much trouble, can someone explain in layman terms what the difference is between the three scripts? For example, does the Dynamic script not set an actual stop loss? That kind of thing. I like the idea of using a fixed dollar amount so I get use to risking that much, especially when I go live, but I am still getting use to hotkeys and which I like best. Thanks very much. I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend.
  3. Hello Maria, did you ever find a mentor for this? I am curious to hear your experiences!
  4. Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Name is Gary and I have lived in Alaska all my life. I have been interested in trading for awhile, and after reading Andrew’s book (and quite a few more since then), I have fallen in love with chart reading and totally enjoy watching folks in the morning trade chats and stuff. I have been using the BBT replay and doing decently. I hope to learn more, and would live tips on hotkeys for beginners for Das. Right now, for what ever reason, I am having anxiety on trying to decide which script/button type/ to use for a beginner. Mainly, i dont know if I should be using a hotkey that auto sets a stop loss automatically or how that is calculated. I have seen a lot of the traders in the chat room talk about/using “break even” buttons, which makes me feel they use buys/sell keys with stop losses. Anyways, any tip for beginners, Especially for Das, I would appreciate it. I am going through the courses and reading other books as well. Thanks so much for an awesome place to learn!
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