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  1. Hi. I am from Villach. And I Know one guy from Wien. At least we could make an Austrian discord channel? What do you think?
  2. He is just now in Europe. Would be nice if he made a Meet up here.
  3. Where are you from? Far away from Austria? Maybe its possible for me to join.. Thx. HAve a nice weekend.
  4. Another Question to this post: - When I have the Deluxe package, do I need any Datas from IB? Or can I cancel all Datas in the IB/TWS ? - Can I easy change or move a stop or limit order which is shown on the chart? In IB I can grab the order and move it. Or I can change the Level in the Ordersbox. This is nice for manual trailingstops... Is this possible in DAS?
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