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  1. This 55" Philips Momentum with built-in Bowers and Wilkins sound bar and Ambi-Glow is really great ( Philips 558M1RY Computer Monitor, 3840x2160, 4ms, 60Hz : Amazon.ca: Electronics ) ! The wee laptop is a $200 Walmart special that was too slow for anything else so I just use it as a ticker while doing other stuff on the big Philips. I just retired from a network analyst position working from home so I'd watch various stocks on Trading View as I worked (mostly Coupang, I don't know why but it caught my attention). I'm using a 7-year old Alien laptop for the monitor, the Alien was extremely high-powered when I bought it but it's probably of average spec now. Does anyone have any strong opinions about multiple monitors vs one giant screen? In my cube at work I had 4 X 27" Philips but I was on a bunch of different networks where each network required its own laptop. So far I think one big screen is OK, I bought some switches so I can feed this thing from a bunch of laptops.
  2. Hi, Everyone, my name is Bob Pike and I'm in Barrie, ON. After 28 years with the military and 5 years with Shared Services Canada I've decided on trading as a third career. I plan to retire from SSC in two years as my pension will be at max after 35 years. This sounds great, unless you have an ex that walked away with half your pension and every penny you had, sigh. I started with some Motley Fool subscriptions and became fascinated with Coupang. I opened an account with Questrade and started swing trading Coupang, riding the bumps for 10 cents or more per share, eventually trading 1,000 shares at a time. Recently the January correction trapped me with 1390 shares at $22.63 and it's trading around $19 right now so I'm stuck for a few weeks. Once stuck, I bought Andrew's book "How to Day Trade for a Living" and realized that I have no idea what I'm doing, LOL. I want to start over and do everything you folks are doing, use the same brokers, software, methodology. I like to help people so hopefully I can learn enough to be of service to others. I have a lot of family and ties to BC so it's nice to belong to a group headquartered there. I have a new monitor coming on Monday so I'm really excited: 4K HDR display with Ambiglow 558M1RY/27 | Philips . I want to see if one giant monitor will be as good for trading as a bunch of little ones. I've read that you can go either way. I'm doing data center networking from home now due to the pandemic so spend all day in front of screens, I just accidentally broke my ASUS 49" curved monitor that I loved. Thanks for having me, I hope to learn quickly and help others if I can. -Bob Pike
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