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  1. We meet virtually at the moment. Tuesdays at 7:00pm ct when everyone is available.
  2. @RyanR - No worries! Join when you are ready. - Adam
  3. @Grego99 @RyanR I'm open most evenings (Mon Tue Wed Thur at the moment) for Virtual. Weekends are best for Face-To-Face. I'm in Katy.
  4. Interested here! Open to face-to-face for virtual meetup (zoom). - Adam
  5. Thank you for the welcome Abiel! I look forward to learning, sharing, and collaborating with BBT members. - Adam
  6. Thanks Robert! Ross is a wizard at Long Small Cap/ Small Floats for sure! There are very few that can trade exactly as he does. I look forward to the BBT training. I have already binged all of Thor's VPA and Market Auction Theory! (Mind blown!) This will definitely give me new tools to add to my trading tool belt. Appreciate the welcome!
  7. Hello BBT! Name’s Adam (AdamzTradez)! I joined BBT on Monday Jan 24th, 2022. I have a 9-5 as a Microsoft DevOps Developer in the Houston Texas area (Work from home). I have been a Microsoft Developer (Microsoft Stack) for 20+ years. My Trading Journey: I am coming from Warrior Trading where I spent a 1 full year with Ross learning about Momentum Trading small cap (small float) stocks with a long bias. I really enjoyed learning from Ross and his team, however, I found that I am not as quick at executing my trades as Ross. I also felt that I wanted to learn more about trading mid/large caps, specifically how to short. As a warrior trader, I was taught that 10 cents a day keeps the W2 away! I was able to squeeze 10cents out of most if not all of my winning trades. However, I found I was giving back 30 cents on my losers as they would flush right past my “Mental” stops and I would fall back to my then horrible strategy of HAHahahaha (Hold and Hope) it would bounce or pivot back to let me stop out break even, only to watch continue on it’s journey back down to VWAP, 9EMA, LOD, Center of the Earth, you get the point. What I began to notice is the Short Sellers would have a field day shorting against Ross and make a killing in their PNL. Buying Pivots or Reversal became a very logical way to trade tickers, however, I was only taught how to go long. ( Ross is Long biased as he trades primarily in an IRA account ) I gave myself one full year to complete my training with Warrior, but began looking for a new community that could train me in reversal and pivots. I began to watch Thor’s Youtube recaps and could clearly see, “wow! This guy gets it!” As soon as my Warrior Membership expired, I bought into BBT. I look forward to learning from Thor and all at BBT. Specifically, I am looking for coaching/mentorship on improving my entries and holding my winners longer. Improving my Risk Management from 3:1 to 1:3 minimum. I have live trading stats on TraderVue from Sept 2021. I’ll attach a screenshot if possible. I currently trade on DAS with TD Ameritrade. Anyone willing to take on a new student or refer me to a group, to assist in pinpoint entries, learning pivots, reversals, trends, L2, T/S. etc…? Any feedback is welcome! Cheers! - AdamzTradez (if you are unable to see attachment, I have uploaded image to imgur: Here )
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