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  1. Abiel, thank you for sending this! This helps as well! Much appreciated! -Jerod
  2. Thank you Peter! I will look into that. My biggest problem right now is patience, I am trying to slow my trading down and not forget to check something like a clear entry signal or sometimes even the spread! So I was looking for things to check off essentially prior to making the trade, force myself to check them off prior to entering and if I miss it, I miss it. If that makes sense. I have just jumped into to many trades focusing on the L2 or the candles that I forget to check some of the other details. Every 4 trades or so I find myself in a trade and realized after entry that I completely missed something and should not be in it at all. Or after I buy I will realize that I am revenge trading or something silly like that. My post trade problem is I am getting out of moves too quickly and mistaking a pullback for a reversal or taking my first partial too soon and moving my stop loss to break even. I have a few trades in my playbook and my rules printed out on my screen. So I was looking for a few questions essentially to ask myself pre and post trade that will help me track some data on a spread sheet. Not necessarily the trade its self but to make sure I am looking at all the details and the mental check pre and post. some of the questions I currently have are: For pre: time of day? how long since last trade? winner or loser? how many trades in day so far? spread? price and float size? where is VWAP? Closest cam level? above or below? closest support resistance? above or below? what is the play? stop loss? profit target? partial target? what entry signal and I looking for? trend on daily? or is it range trading? For post: How long was trade? Did I follow the plan? Reason for exit? Rushed or relaxed? Some simple questions like that. That way when I track on spread sheet I have a more clear picture on where to focus my attention and places to improve. Sorry for the rambling! -Jerod I do like that journal website and the idea to be able to track the trades as easily and visual as that! -Jerod
  3. Hello all, I want to fine tune my trading and I am looking for some examples/ideas for a pre trade and post trade check list. Does anyone have one that they are currently using? I am trying to gather more data and ideas to include in my list! Thank you all for the help! -Jerod
  4. i am new at this and i apologize if this is a silly question. but i am trying to use the 1% risk buy hot key and it is not sending the stop to the orders que: here is what i copy and pasted. am I missing something? This is a hotkey to get into a position and send an automatic stop loss with 1% risk per trade(Long position) DefShare=BP*0.97;Share=DefShare*0.25*Price*0.01;Price=Ask-Price+0;S Share=Share/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare; SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;R OUTE=LIMIT;Price= Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;DefShare=400; thank you for the help! -jerod
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