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    We can now process orders anytime, just like if we did it manually. All the details here.
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    Hey everyone! Excited to have found the BBT community. I'm 44 and recently moved to the Cincinnati area. I have driven past a billboard about learning day trading for over a year now, and for some reason it resonated with me this week. Mainly I think what prompted this was listing to Tom Bilyeu taking about breaking the time for money equation. I've had in interest in stocks and stock investing for a long time now, but I've always hesitated about day trading for all of the negative stigma around it. But as I started to look into this one company's training program, I started looking around the marketplace and Reddit and have come to believe the overwhelming feedback out there that you don't necessarily need to pay for expensive trainings and individualized coaching, but you DO need an appetite and willingness to learn and the support of a strong community. Enter BBT. I found Andrew's book and the BBT podcast and am grateful for both! I'm not all the way through the book yet, but I'm excited to crush it pretty quickly, join the next onboarding training, then getting after it! I'm really looking forward to getting to meet everyone, learning the trade smartly, then graduating to real investments in the near future. Cheers!
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    +$489 AMD Failed ORB but Reversal Catch after Chop City! NVDA VWAP Breakout! Trade Date: 7/10/24 AMD was setting up for an ORB to R5/PM High but we rejected and after a few partials stopped out on slippage. Tried a reversal as we looked to hold YYH but stopped out at R3 multiple times. My concern was AMD's extension on the daily and if we broke LOD, we would tumble hard/fast. Should have waited to see if we would hold R3 before entering. Then at 9:40 the price action slowed and the bids dried up, bottom was in, saw this as the last chance to long for a reversal from R3 and partialed at Yesterday High. NVDA bounced off R1 nicely and held R2, I went for a classic VWAP breakout to R3/Yesterday High/ and high of Pre-market. This was a clean trade I am proud of after getting chopped up in AMD. #AMD #NVDA #NVIDIA #VWAPBreakout #ORBFail #Reversal
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    @tntp45 Thanks! Usually between $100-$200.
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    Great Day !! What is your R Risk per trade ? $100 ?
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    +$1022 TSLA Breakdown from Previous Day High, AMD/NVDA VWAP Breakouts Trade Date: 7/5/24 TSLA, gapped up and extended on the daily, saw a rejection of R1/R2 and was testing previous day high. I shorted at the break of PDH to S1/PDC and all out at S2 before the bounce. AMD, gapped up on the daily and ran from the gates. Sold off hard to R5/R6/Pre-Market High but bounced back to the trend lines on the 1 min. I went for a hold of trend and VWAP breakout, initial small size, then added as we held trend and were making higher lows. There were no cam levels to partial at and used HOD and pure momentum to exit. This was a hard trade to gauge however QQQ was breaking out. NVDA, rejected R2/PDC early but was holding VWAP. Went long for a scalp to R1/PDC. The 5-min chart was ugly and I did not feel confident holding this beyond momentum thrusts to liquidity pools. Thought we would test PDC again but we were rejecting and exited at B/E before the selloff! #TSLA #TESLA #AMD #NVDA #NVIDIA #VWAPBreakout #LODBreak
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    Hey everyone! I know I'm just getting started, but I thought this was a good time to check in with the community for any guidance on next steps. I finished reading Andrew's book How to Day Trade for a Living, started trading on a paper trading account, and nailed $9.99 in profit my fist week (lost almost $500 though)! So I'm looking around for those of you who are a bit further along than me, which should be just about anyone, who have started down the path and have felt they've been making progress. Any suggestions on where to go from here? I figure I'll go through all of the Stock Trading courses offered in the Education Center. I signed up for a full year membership, so I want to get as much out of my membership to start. But I want to be careful about going too far down the rabbit hole of watching videos and reading books and falling into the thought trap of needing more knowledge or "maybe in the next book." How long did folks stay with Andrew's book before branching out? I'm using his Advanced Techniques more as a reference right now and am SUPER interested in Thor's book. For now I'm listening to Trading in the Zone because figure a book on trading psychology would be pretty safe. As for community resources, I've been listening in to the pre-market BBT sessions, which has been great, but I feel I'm SO new to this at I don't really know what to ask or don't want to bog down the chat with newbie questions. I also really liked my first week of trying to trade the open and experimenting with ORB strategies, but I know that once I'm back to work (been on vacation this past week) that late-morning is probably the better session for me to trade, and I'm nervous that most of the trading focus is at the open and there aren't as many good opportunities to trade late morning or over lunch. If anyone knows of some good material (videos / resources) to take advantage of post-open trading, that'd be really helpful. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the pointers @peterB. I found the advanced course "Your First Three Months as a Trader" that I'm going through now, which is super helpful! I especially liked the recommendation to start with learning for at least the first month - I take it as a bit of a grace period to absorb information to serve as a baseline for what strategies to test. @Brendon - poor grammar on my part. Mean to say I lost nearly $500. Looking back at my paper trading account, I lost $271.25 to be exact...so not nearly as much as I thought. Thought I'd double down yesterday and take a position on CHWY...stupid! And THERE went another $304, so if you count that one, my total losses were $575.25. I've actually been really disciplined about following my stops so far--even if I see it coming, I'll let the trade stop out vs. adjusting my stop loss. I don't want to get into the habit of irrationally relaxing my stop, and I'd rather get stopped out right now and analyze what I did wrong than exit the trade early. It is sim after all. I'm now starting to develop supplemental spreadsheets to help me more easily identify my entry, R1/R2 positions, and my stop loss, and so far that's been really helpful.
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    +$602 NVDA VWAP Breakout to Camarilla Pivots! AMD PDC Break towards liquidity Trade Date: 7/2/24 NVDA started off wicky but once a large engulfing candle formed I went long above the 1-Min 9/20 trend and VWAP. We spiked up to S3 and sold off but held trend. Added more with the close above VWAP, partialed at S3 heavily, hit some chop and got spooked out at VWAP. We had nice bounces from VWAP and re-entered at the break of S3 towards S2, S1, and large liquidity at 123. Later, I saw a bounce from 121.89 (20EMA daily) and tried for another VWAP breakout towards S2 again but only got some partials and stopped out at B/E. AMD ran up and sold off today. Once we hit PDC and had a hard rejection of R1 and crack of LOD, I shorted towards liquidity of 157 and exited fully at 1-Min 200 SMA. You have to be patient and wait for the crack of PDC to trigger stops before you enter to have the greatest chance of success. Brian Pezim taught me this. #NVDA #NVIDIA #VWAPBreakout #PreviousDayCloseBreak #CamarillaPivot
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    Hey Wis, welcome, I am curious how you 'almost' lost $500, it sounds that that may have been a trade/s that you let go beyond your initial stop. The #1 rule I ask myself everyday when a trade starts to go against me is 'does this make sense'. I did this today! When I say 'No' I exit the trade. Losing money hurts but staying in a trade that does that make sense hurts move, even if you don't lose money on it. The feeling of not being in control is much worse. Suggestion, downsize your max loss risk to under $50 per day for a couple of months. See you in chat!
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    as you anticipated right, there is more to discover. see this and especially this good luck!
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    Hi everyone! My name is Daniel, and I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work at a computational biology startup, but I've been interested in trading for awhile now. I finally mustered up the willpower to learn more about it, and I recently finished Andrew's How to Day Trade for a Living book. I'll be honest, I didn't have a set goal in mind when I started this journey, but I've been hooked ever since I started reading the book. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed doing something so much, and I want to learn as much as I can as quickly as possible. I've been attending the morning pre-market and trading sessions, but I'm very much a novice, and I'm still figuring out how to set everything up. If anyone is also new and wants a buddy to learn and trade with, feel free to message me and we can connect! Looking forward to meeting other traders, and I hope I'll meet you all soon Best, Daniel
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    @peterB is way better then me with those question. best!
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    I use both, and from my experience, some orders do not get filled, and has a huge slippage on the stop market orders. Especially volatile stocks with wide spreads like nvda. You have to do the math, for the vol of shares I trade on nvda, the avg cost for the week using IB is around $60, about 250/mth. TD, free. But I do notice that I have bigger slippage, sometimes up to .30-40 on entries, and stops compared to IB. However, the overall performance on stocks that has slower moves, and tighter spreads, such as $aapl, not much of a difference. it is a toss up for now, but as you move into bigger shares, and volume, then you have to calculate if the slippage loss on a given stock is worth the commission free trades. For now, yes for me on nvda, since most of the time, I am looking for min. of 2-4 dollar move, and the .15-25 slippage in entries, are. usually 5-7.5 loss, but make up for it in the trade. Limit orders are decent, but market orders execution on TD is terrible. But as i said, I have never been able to accurately tell how much slippage, but some of the stop/market orders have slipped by .20-35 cents. If you have 100-200 shares, that's 35-70 dollars. Yes, I have seen such loss on a stop that is suppose to @b/e. However, Ib has some slippage on market orders, and stop/market. But it is usually .5-10 cents. Nominal. What I am thinking of doing is placing a bracket order .25-40 cents in front of my b/e limit order. The only danger about using a limit order, if it doesn't get filled, you can face a big loss. Stop market, you will get filled, but not at the price you have it placed, due to the slippage. so, yeah, one of those things that we deal with. I can't help but to think the mm and the brokers benefits from this somehow, but there is no way to prove it. I think they use micro pennies to make profits, but probably make a killing taking in the diff between a spread, and the slippage, if they can slip it in there. Happy trading Everyone.
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    Hi @gjeret, logging in after a long while to notice there are other members from the Milwaukee area. Curious how things are going for you and if you are still in the Trading realm.
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