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Minneapolis BBT MeetUp - Sept 10 @ 6:30pm

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I discovered Day Trading a while ago and have devoured books, YouTube videos, blogs and anything else I can get in front of my eyes. I am still in early stages of learning - trading in a real time simulator before putting my hard earned cash on the line.

On the path of knowledge, I am ahead of some and way behind others. I hope to share what I have learned, hear what you have learned and go down this exciting path together.


1. Mingling and Introductions
2. My Day Trading Teacher: Bear Bull Traders and Andrew Aziz
3. Strategies with Example Trades
4. Analyze Past Trades - Successes and Failures
5. Share Your Trades
6. Open Discussion

Thank you so much to ChopRoom (www.choproom.com), a Corporate Team Building business in Uptown, for use of their space. There is plenty of street parking and a parking lot in the back. Please arrive no later than 6:30pm, because we have to lock the door.

We will have access to a flat screen to go through various trading strategies and show our trades.

We will also go next door to Nico's for drinks afterwards.




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