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nick jiang

Newbie Questions: 5-min ABCD

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I'm new to BBT, and have been simulating 5-min ABCD for the past month. Hope someone could help me with these questions, thank you!

  1. If a stock has been trending up on the daily chart, but trending down on the intraday chart but you see consecutive green candles, can you still trade ABCD going up?
  2. If there are multiple green candles going up but one red candle in the middle, where do you start counting A?
  3. Regarding confirmation, if the candle pushes past D, do you wait for the 5-min candle to finish before entry or do you enter right away?
  4. What if D is close to 9EMA but extended from VWAP, do you still enter this trade?

~ Nick

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