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Camarilla Pivot Entry/Exit Criteria

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Hi BBT fam,

I recently started using Camarilla Pivot trading strategies. Primarily want to trade of R3/S3 pivots. However, I'm having a hard time identifying the exact entry/exit criteria or confirmations needed to enter and exit the trade. Does any one have these parameters written down? Would be really helpful in refining the criteria I have put together. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have tried Camarilla and I still like them on SPY as they are quite precise if trading SPY. The thing is that this play is not every time when the stock hits these levels. It is a play based on the relationship of today's daily range to the previous daily range and where the stock opened today in relation with the Cams.  I also think that daily matter in selecting stocks to play off Camarilla levels but I don't have advice here as I don't trade them. 

 I found myself more successful trading off levels and patterns I see on daily and 60 min.  I use a top down approach from weekly to daily to 60 min and lower TF and I am aiming for a bigger move. 

Identifying the exact criteria for entry and exit is the same criteria for reversals as S3/R3 is a reversal strategy.  For short could be parabolic move into a level, reversal candle, volume, extended from 9 EMA on 5 min, T&S signals or a pattern formation at level - double top, tipple top H&S, drying volume at the top, T&S,  cross over of 9 & 20 EMA on 1 min. Watch the reversal webinars in BBT education center - there are many - parabolic, extreme reversals, mountain pass.

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