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Example - Swing Trading - Short-term, Watchlist + Chart Set-up

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Hi there

I am sharing a sample watchlist and chart setup for short-term swing trading. The watchlist is prepared with criterion of MACD crossover and good volume. This is for discussion purposes only. Please feel free to send comments/discussions so our BBT Forum can benefit from same.  The sample watchlist is based on information from instructor training, textbooks, Webinars, swing trading plans, and information available on the internet over last few years. One good point up front is to keep things simple and this seems to be working for me. This is a sample base short-term swing trading plan that can be detailed to suit individual requirements.

To come: Sample Swing Trading Plan  for Short-term Investment

Please note this is not an investment advice. Please seek investment advise  from your own investment advisor. The attachments and notes are for illustration and discussion purposes only on our BBT Forum.

Capture - Example Watchlist Short-term Swing - MACD.PNG

Example - Chart Setup Short-term Swing Trading.pdf

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