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Hi all..

I am very new to this, despite years of interest. I have just spent the 4 week UK lockdown studying, researching and processing what I want to do and have landed on this group having read all of the books and crammed in as much information as my brain can take!

I can see quite clearly the path ahead , but in terms of next steps, but I would appreciate it if any UK members could give me some pointers - about the tools side of things and any set ups that have worked technically speaking. It seems that we in the UK have advantages/disadvantages to deal with - I just would appreciate any member helping me to understand the best way to get started with UK-centric resources (platforms/brokers/technicals). I realise that things are quite different here in the UK from the USA/North America...

I work freelance on a fairly permanent basis, but this is flexible and I plan to structure an educational plan alongside this activity until I feel that it is time to trade live... I am in no hurry to do this, I'm more interested in learning the skills and practising them well. I'm lucky as I will be able to scale up or down my other job, according to time requirements and/or (eventually) profitability.

Any UK groups/members input would be hugely appreciated - I live in Milton Keynes (originally from London) if that is of any relevance!

Many thanks



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i requested to join like a week ago, its still on pending.

any chance i can join? i live in london and would like to get in touch with traders in london.

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