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I am new to this group and moved to Denver not too long ago for work back in October.   Originally from Michigan and grew up in Indiana.  It would be nice to get out to the mountains and meet up with some fellow traders.   I am very new to this but have always been intrigued and made some money along the way in the past.  I would like to 'retire' within 15 years, possibly 10, and do much more traveling.   I have been to about 35-40 countries but have so many more to go. This is the perfect place to perfect my trading to stay on track while working a full time job.  I listen to the podcasts, youtube videos  and have read the books but feel like i have SO much more to learn.  This is a great community.  



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Welcome to the family.

Colorado is beautiful, I have worked several summers in Loveland, CO. Taken my Jeep on several trails in that area. I love all of the western mountain states, currently working in South Dakota and Wyoming. Good luck with your journey here, and don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have. I also encourage you to attend the trade review sessions in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Aiman is a technical genius and does a great job pointing out good and bad aspects of member trades.

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If you don’t have a mountain to climb, find one.

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