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  1. Hi folks, I am novice in day trading and now I am on the day trading for living book. I'd like to know if we learn the strategies, we should apply all of them to be profitable or sticking to just a few suffices?
  2. Hi, is the trade idea scanner the only scanning tools? Can IB, ThinkorSwim or trading view scanners be set based equally?
  3. Hi everyone, Do we as European citizens need minimum 25K USD in the IB account being able to do day trading unlimitedly ?
  4. Does anyone know if we can use trading view or Thinkorswim to set the scanner like the trade idea setting?

  5. Hi guys, Saeed from Denmark. I have one question about IB. Does anyone know if we have to have at least 25K USD being able to do day trading. I have heard several answers and I don't know which one is correct. One scenario was since IB moved from the UK to Ireland, we as european residence don't have to have 25K USD.

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