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  1. I see, that's a pity because then you pretty much can't leave the screen unattended for a longer period of time (2-3 hours) as I was intending. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hello, Has anyone tried using two different platforms with IB? I would like to use DAS for stocks and a different platform (possibly NinjaTrader or Multicharts) for forex and futures. I am not sure whether IB supports two platforms simultaneously. Thanks!
  3. Oh I see you mean partially closing 1 share. In this scenario could I have 2 take profits simultaneously in DAS? One of 1 share only for triggering the stoploss and one for the rest of the position.
  4. That's a good workaround. Thank you! So the size of the stoploss would be the original position size + 1 in this case. Do you have a sample of such a hotkey by any chance?
  5. Hello everyone, I am aware that DAS provides hotkeys for moving a stoploss to breakeven. However, these hotkeys require that I manually press the key combination that triggers the action. Is it possible to write scripts in DAS such that, upon reaching a certain unrealized PnL in an order, the stoploss is automatically moved to breakeven WITHOUT pressing a hotkey? For example, I enter an order and when I am in 100$ profit I want the stoploss to go to breakeven automatically without pressing a hotkey. Such scripts are common in other platforms, but I couldn't find a way or writing them in DAS. Thanks!
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