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  1. Hello all I could use some help on creating the correct script to auto sell a position when a loss of $200 has been reached. This needs to be universal and not dependent on the initial cost of the stock. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello... What would be the appropriate scripts for DTP hotkeys to both buy into and conversely sell short on a stock, say 500 shares, while triggering a stop loss amount of $100 overall?
  3. So is there a quick method to enter into a trade with a wide spread? I’ve found myself to be more of a quick in-and-out scalper for the time being.
  4. Newbie. using Das Trader Pro through IB. When I buy or short sell either at market or say +.05, most of the time my unrealized profit drops far in the negative, sometimes by as much as $100, and then I struggle to climb back up if at all. ideas as to why?
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