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  1. Hi, This forum is great! I really like the calculated loss hot key and have created buttons for the montage. Quick question: If I were long a position, is there a formula that would allow one to set a stop limit by double clicking the chart (like for the calculated loss hotkey) for the total amount of shares that are long and then hitting the hot key? Ex: I buy 100 Shares of AAPL. To create stop loss for the 100 shares, I double click the price on the chart and then hit the hotkey to create the stop limit?
  2. Hi, Just confirming. If I wanted to just move the current stoploss to BE, I can just use: CXL ALLSYMB; ROUTE=STOP; StopType=Market; StopPrice=AvgCost; Share=Pos-share; TIF=DAY; SELL=SEND Would that work?
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