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  1. I use TOS for Swing- no problems and DAs with IB for Day
  2. NikkiB thanks for sharing your experience. I know I made the right call.
  3. Moving it faster won't help as I want to use up my DAS that I paid for on my TD account, you can't transfer DAS from 1 broker to another. You have to cancel and get a new account.
  4. I just finished opening IB account only took 10 minutes. Now I'm just waiting for my funds to transfer back to me from TDameritrade so I can get them to IB. I am just going to paper trade until my current month of DAS is done then I will open a new DAS account to my IB account. It won't hurt me to paper trad for another 3 weeks. Could be hurt though by trading the open with TD.
  5. I am trying DAS with TD this month, I love DAS over TOS but fills are still bad especially on the open. Also issues with Hot button execution after taking partials. Moving to IB right now. That's just my experience. I'm too new to this to have to panic about getting out of trade.
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