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  1. I am also looking for a small trading group to bounce ideas off of and get ideas Mau, the discord invite does not seem to work I am in the Los Angeles area, but same time zone as Vancouver. Thanks Mike
  2. Thank you Peter, There is some good advise in there, and it does make sense that I am taking partials too soon Thanks Again Michael
  3. Hi, I looking to get some ideas and how to maximize my trades. My trade from today I am going to use as an example Entry short at 96.03 Stop set at 96.50 (Top of the previous candle) My risk is $0.50 My exit on this were Half my position at the next support level (The half dollar at 95.50) Another half at the whole dollar (95 Then I had a oopise on DAS, I wanted to get out at the next half dollar (94.50) it was super small size and hind sight AMD didn't get there so I guess it was a good oops All in all I got 1.8R on this trade, not bad, but I would like to be above 2 and hopefully closer to 3R on the trades. Looking at this trade I only see 2 ways to increase my R 1. Tighter stop loss leading to more shares, which on this one I don't see a better place for the stop? 2. Don't partial as aggressive and hold a bigger position for the further drops. Just wanted to see what your guys strategies are and what you guys would do? Thanks Michael
  4. I am looking into the API for a project I might take on, and yeah i though the price of the DAS API was crazy. If i go ahead and create the project i am planning on using IB's API... it is free and seems like it is better supported... They call it the TWS API
  5. Hello, I am just finishing up Anna Coulling book on VPA, and i am working on getting Volume by price setup and there are setting that I am not sure about. The settings I can change are Volume Look Back Depth: (Currently set at 70 can be 10-1000) Number of Bars (Currently set at 100 can be 10-500) Bar Length Multiplier (Currently set at 50 can be 10-100) Bar Horizontal Offset (Currently set at 30 can be 0-100 ) Bar Width (Currently set at 2 can be 1-20) Just curious what settings you guys would use? Thanks Michael
  6. So I have a 1 hour commute to work and I am looking for some recommendation for books to "read" that I can listen to the audio book on the way to work. I have already read Andrews Day trading book, i am currently working on his phycology book, but what other books do you guys recommend? Thanks Michael
  7. Hi Everyone, I am trying to setup a buy hot key that automatically set a stop order that has a fixed max loss dollar amount and have it calculate what the stop loss price would be at For example. I want to buy 100 shares of a $30 stock and have a max $50 loss. So the raw math would be $30 - $50/100 or AvgPrice - 50/Pos Here is the hot key i have but it does not set the stop for some reason CXL ALLSYMB; ROUTE=LIMIT;Price=Ask+0.05 ;Share=100 ;TIF=DAY+;Buy=Send;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET ACT:SELL STOPPRICE:AvgCost-50/Pos QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+; Thanks Everyone!!
  8. Hi, I was looking though DAS Traders website and i noticed that they are in beta for integrating with TD Ameritrade. Is anyone part of the beta, what do you guys think about TD with DAS. I started with TOS and left because the level 2 is crap, and TOS at times has issues, but if TOS is replaced with DAS and zero commission trades.... https://dastrader.com/subscribe/ Thanks Mike
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