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  1. Hope this thread is still active, just noticed it. It is really tough to trade with a full-time job. I'm still mostly trading in the simulator and I'm lucky that I can trade from 9:30am-12pm(I live in East coast!). After that I have to get ready to go to work, unfortunately. I've been trading in the simulator for almost 8 months now and I wish I could quit my day job and become full-time day trader. Then I could concentrate 100% on trading and I would have more free time to study and practice all the strategies, risk management, psychology lessons etc. I try to read and watch some of the lessons on my lunch breaks on my phone, which is not ideal. It's been really long process so far and now I'm just starting to be consistently profitable. -I wrote this on my lunch break, lol
  2. Hello, I'm Milo I just moved to NYC from Los Angeles CA, I'm originally from Finland though. I'm in my late 30s and I work part time in customer service, I have also worked in a few small budget movie productions as an assistant. I read the two books of day trading by Andrew, and it made me think that I should at least try it and see if I'm good at it. I'm completely new to day trading, I have never traded before except few times with those free trading simulator websites (if you count that as trading). I just opened the DAS simulator account and going to do paper trading for 3-6 months. Hopefully after that I can do live trades.
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