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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents, my name is Carlo, an Italian living in Spain. I have been working for the last 20 years for two of the major leading providers of IT for the Airlines and Airports Industrie. In May 2019 I made the decision to close that chapter. I took sometimes to shower off the "Corporation skin" to then decide what to do next. A chain of books, sometimes unrelated to trading, took me to review my long term investments. In April this year I started investing in ETFs. This is a new world for me. My curiosity for the "Market" kept growing to almost become a pleasant obsession. While researching on the various type of trading styles I landed to Andrew's book: How to Day Trade..., then to the Brian's one: How to Swing Trade. What a great job! Making such complex subject available to everyone in a such simple language. Brilliant!! Well, after more reading, few attempts to stock trading and following this community on Youtube, here I am, almost ready to spend few months in the simulator and hopefully being able to contribute myself to this community. I am pleased life took me here!! Cheers all, Carlo
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