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  1. John - I thought of you when I came across, "The 52-Week High and Momentum Investing," paper referenced in Dual Momentum Investing by Antonacci. I wonder if there might be value in tweaking your strategy to focus on 52-week highs (or some other larger period). Additionally, you should be able to get your scanner to eliminate anything NOT on a 2+ week trend. Maybe that would lead to increased activity and profits? Additionally, this brief summary seems to indicate that even trading a security in proximity to its 52-week high could result in increased profits. Might be fun to experiment! Images attached. Ryan
  2. Also, does it matter which high of the day? For example is it always the 1st or 1-5 high of the day, etc?
  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm new as well and haven't come across this strategy. I gather the strategy can be described as follows: Watch for high of the day as established by the 1 minute chart. Watch for increased trade volume and a quick punch through the high. Enter the trade expecting the price to increase temporarily and get out quickly. Did I miss anything significant?
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