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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I joined the BBT Family back in June, and currently practicing through SIM. It has been an amazing experience with the BBT Community. Learning each day from our moderators, and other traders. I'm loving the ORB strategy and working to hone on this skill. Since, I have limited time in the mornings (as I currently have a day job in the EST time zone), my focus is to "Trade the Open". 

    I'm currently looking to setup a team of trading buddies where we can all learn, support and grow together.


    Below is my Introductory Post in the Forum, along with my Twitter Account (which I recently started to share my trades):





  2. Hello Everyone,

    This is Guru! I was introduced to the trading world, all thanks to COVID-19. My company decided that every employee take a week off for furlough, and I utilized that time studying about the stock market. One book led to another, and I stumbled upon "How to Day Trade for a Living". This book gave me an opportunity to explore the idea of ditching the 9-to-5 and having the freedom to work from any part of the world. 

    I'm planning to spend 2 days a week during the Open Hours on simulation, while spending the other days after work on Replay Sim and education materials. I would love to spend all 5 days trading, but due to Eastern Time zone and a full time job, it will be hard to pull it off. 

    Carlos & Norm's premarket sessions have been terrific. I've already started using their watchlist and apply some strategies on the DASTrader Demo.

    My end goal is to trade options, but I think it is important to understand stock trades before getting into options. 

    I'm excited and looking forward in learning more from this community! 😃


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