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  1. Hey CliffG,

    Kwam jou net op de Members map in Nederland tegen. Mooi om te zien dat er ook andere BBT'ers net als jij in Nederland zijn. Toevallig hier nog andere Nederlanders tegengekomen? Zou leuk zijn om een groepje traders in Nederland te kunnen vormen. Fijne avond nog!

    Gr. David

    1. CliffG


      Hi David,

      Sorry, I don't speak Dutch. While I do live in the Netherlands - South Holland, I have not yet learnt the language. I've been here 4 years so far. I'm originally from the UK (but not lived there for 15yrs).

      I know there is another Member who lives near Lieden, I think his name in the chat room is Winston. 

      I currently live in Zoetermeer, how about you? 

    2. D_Zitter2


      Hi Cliff,

      no worries, I speak English too.Sorry for the delay in answer, I was busy doing all the education-video's, absorbing all that stuff! So welcome in the Netherlands ;).  So you are here for work? Ah, Zoetermeer,... I'm from Rotterdam. Ah, am gonna try to say hi to Winston too. But how did you wind up at BBT? How did your trading journey went?

      Gr. David

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