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  1. Howdy guys, 
    I can't make it today but want to say hi to all of you local BBT members. If any of you are interested in future meet-ups in/around Calgary, please let me know. I am still in self-isolation but once COVID subsides, I'd be interested in getting together.  
    I have been trading paper for two months now with plans to go live on August 1.  If any of you are in a similar situation and looking to start a peer-to-peer group to bounce ideas & trades around, shoot me an email or follow me on twitter @DayTradeDicky.  Hope you have a great time in Banff.
    [email protected]

  2. I can change the colour, font and format - no problems there.  That said, once I shut down DAS and then open it the following morning, only the charts and montage remain to my liking;  the Market Viewer, Account, Account List and Position window formats do not save and instead resort to some other DAS default.  The location and size of the windows save, but not the colour, font or column/row formatting. 

    It's the 3 month practice demo.  I assume it's current as I am only a few days into the subscription. 

    Thanks for the help Justin.  Perhaps this is one for DAS support. 

  3. Thanks for the reply Justin. 

    I can apply formatting to all of the windows and even successfully save the formatting of my charts, montage and price action windows, using the method you described.  The issue, as you'll see in the attached screen capture, is the Market Viewer, Account, Account List and Position windows do not save and instead resort to some other DAS default.  They are all reloaded with black backgrounds and default fonts and additionally the Market Viewer watch list I created is also gone.  This is, despite saving individual window defaults and the desktop.


    Screenshot (10).png

  4. Hey BBT,

    I am having issues with formatting DAS windows:

    1) Market Viewer - I have created a custom Market Viewer with my list of tickers.  I have reorganized and added/removed columns, and changed the color of the background and rows.   Is there a way to save my formatting so that when I open DAS each morning, the same list and formatting displayed? 

    2) Account, Account List, Position and Market Viewer windows only load with a default font and color formatting.   Is there a way to save the user defined color and font?


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