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  1. If you read the fine print below that at the bottom, there are some restrictions. Even if you are pro, the commissions are cheap using the tiered structure. I believe you still have to purchase monthly market data either way.
  2. I currently have a margin and a retirement account with Interactive Brokers. I am only going to connect DAS to my margin account as it's $50/month to add additional accounts and I only do swing trading / long term investments in the retirement account. My question is.. will I still be able to trade with IB mobile app or TWS once you connect DAS with IB? Thanks, Dustin
  3. I am in the process of learning DAS and see that my daily chart candles don't include highs in premarket, only the range for regular hours. Example from today is $KSS. Premarket high was 24.79 but the daily candle high was 21.09. I came from Trader work station which shows the entire days range. (Photos of both below). Is this normal or can you change it? Also, all my DAS charts have a marker on the Y axis for the 100SMA. Does anyone know how to remove that? Thanks, Dustin
  4. Cliff, Thanks so much for the response! I look forward to learning DAS.
  5. Hey everyone, After almost a year of using Trader Work Station, I'm trying out DAS. The two major benefits I see are the risk management hotkeys and less computing power (my TWS has been freezing). There are things in TWS that I will miss like chart trader, seeing commissions and easily identify which stocks are shortable. I have a couple questions.. 1) Does anyone know if you can add a column in your watchlist that identifies shortable or not? See attached photo with the light / dark green column on the right. 2) Does anyone have a hotkey where you can double click the chart in DAS and then sell partial with limit order like 1/4 position? I'm sure it's easy to create but I use this method to quickly set my targets. Most of the ones I found are selling 1/4 position with market order. 3) when using Interactive Brokers, can you still trade or close positions using the IB mobile app if necessary? Thanks in advance, Dustin
  6. Unfortunately I work tomorrow night but I will watch it once it’s posted. I am trading with a small account and options are appealing for that reason. I am interested in what expiry dates you would use for different situations, example day trading vs 1-2 day swing. Also, does it ever make sense to trade OTM strikes? ..for example when NKLA was trading in the 80’s and I wanted to purchase a put with a 50 target a month away. What would be the best strategy? Thanks Jarad
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