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  1. i just watched the video. Thanks Abiel, very helpful. Is that a new video Andrew just posted? I haven't seen it in the education center before.
  2. what I am wondering is lets say I have stock xyz that is trading right above the vwap at 50.00. I want to go long with my stop loss right below vwap, at say 49.50. How would I do that?
  3. but why would I click SHRT when I am wanting to buy the stock and go long?
  4. Hi there, I just signed up to BBT last week and have been using the sim for the first time. I am having some difficulties with setting up a stop loss. I saw Carlos' video about the montage and deciding on market,limit stop orders etc. but he never actually gives a demonstration of entering an order with a stop loss. This morning whilst trading in sim I was trying to buy a stock with a stop market order and when i would try to enter a trigger price things kept going wrong. If you could please tell me how to actually enter in my stop loss that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nathaniel
  5. Another quick question here with regards to my stop loss for anyone that may be of assistance. If I do a stop order with the stop type being market i am given the option of a trigger price but cannot enter a buying or short price. Will my order just get filled the same way a market order is filled (at the best price possible), with my stop out occurring wherever I set my trigger price? Thanks, Nathaniel
  6. ahhh there it is! thank you so much you have no idea how frustrating this has been! I owe you a cold one!
  7. I am a bit of an idiot when it comes to tech I'm not really sure how to snap a screenshot with my computer
  8. yea for me when I click on STOP that bottom window doesn't appear asking me what stop type I would like. The trigger price doesn't appear either
  9. Hey guys, I've been trading on the sim for a few days now and still haven't figured out how to set up a stop loss. I watched Carlos' video ' Montage, Order types and Order Processing' where he clicks on 'stop' as his order type and is then asked what stop type he would like (trailing, range etc.). When I click STOP on my montage that window (stop type) never appears. I am wondering if anyone else has this issue? Also, if someone could let me know if I am way off the mark with how to set up a stop loss that would be much appreciated. Nathaniel
  10. okay awesome, thanks so much for the responses. I am sure I probably sound pretty stupid with all the questions there's just lots to learn it can be a bit overwhelming.
  11. so do most people that are part of BBT not scan for their own stocks?
  12. Do you mind telling me what most members use so I may download it. Until I have the ability to scan for potential stocks in play I can't really trade on DAS
  13. I should add that I have watched the video in the education center titled 'pre market gapper scanners' but in that video theres nothing on him actually finding those stocks. So to narrow it down what I specifically am struggling with is what I need to do in order to find stocks that have gapped up or down 2 % in the pre market that also have the necessary volume and price action.
  14. Hey Abiel, I just signed up for the DAS simulator and I've been using all the resources provided by BBT in the education center; however, I am having a tough time figuring out how to set up a scanner to find stocks in play every morning. None of the videos really gives an example of someone setting one up. Do I need to subscribe to another service to get set up a scanner or does DAS supply one? Thanks, Nathaniel
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