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  1. Gross 4.7R Net 3.5 R Trade 1 NIO 3R Plug 1R DKNG .8R
  2. Gross 3.3R Net 2.2R Trade 1 - CYTH 0.6R Nio Short 0.65R Long 0.3R BNGO .5R FUBO 1.2R
  3. Im not sure why Its adding additional images at the end of my post? When I edit the post and delete them, they reappear after I submit it again
  4. Gross 4.7R Net 3.6R Nio -0.1R 0.5R on the short 2.6R on long 0.7 on second short BABA 1.3
  5. 30/12/2020 -3R Open was ok. Traded a few hours into the trading day to give back my profits and finish at max loss. Trade 1 NIO Trade 1 - Short with momentum for break of yesterday high. Covered early because was spiking up at times Trade 2 - Was holding below 48, I took it long (yesterday was bullish which I took into consideration. Partailed all the way up. Added on the pull back as last candle had big vol. Took another add after the big hammer doji closed but go out too early Trade 3 - Took a short on after the shooting star formed, covered too early as was distracted by other position. PLTR Trade 1 - Went short for ORB. Wasn't enough volume and in hindsight it held pre market low - shouldn't have taken the trade but I don't think it was too bad... opinions? AAPL Took AAPL long for the breakout after engulfing candle and big ASK at 136. Reduced size as it was hesitating at that level and then stopped out at break even. In hindsight there wasnt big volume on the engulfing, would that have stopped you? FUBO Went short under VWAP as price started to curl down. Missed a partial at level as I was trading NIO. Took another short for break of major level but it failed BABA Went short after level rejection and when price was curling down. It took a while to sell off and looked like it was curling back up so I got out. Should have given it more time. Tried a long but stopped out early as it was looking weak. Went short for break of level. DKNG Went short after shooting star and 9/21 EMA curling down. Stopped myself out too early because I thought it wasn't a great set up. I should have waited for better confirmation - what do you think? FCX Went short after tweezer tops and price curling down with hopes of getting to 26.55 - just a small move. Worked for a minute than came back up so stopped myself out for small loser END
  6. Hi Alastair. Thanks for your reply. The trading time is great as well compared to EU - market open is at 2:30pm.
  7. I am from Europe but will be going on a holiday to either Mexico or the Caribbean (possibly Barbados). I use IB (Europe) with DAS - will I be able to execute trades from outside of EU? Could be a dumb question but just wanted to ask peoples thoughts. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies. I think I will go with two ASUS portable monitors - I think it will be more convenient than having to carry an AC monitor. I know this is down to personal preference, but do you use a keyboard and mouse? I will probably bring a mouse, and have yet to decide if I want a keyboard (which would probably mean I need a laptop stand if I do)
  9. I will be moving to a different country for one month, and I keep on moving month by month. What trading set up would people recommend? I have a laptop and I am thinking of getting two (maybe 3?) additional portable monitors. What set ups do ya'll have? Thanks
  10. Good idea, I didn't think of that. I'll ask if the router is accessible. I will be moving to another country for a month, so I will have plenty of time to trade for an hour or two each day.
  11. Thanks Peter. I will look into measuring packet loss - is there a max number of losses based on down/up speed that should indicate its a no go? I am not a profitable trader. I went live for 2 weeks and made money, then proceeded to lose that money for 2 weeks. I am back on the Sim now until I can improve my risk management. I have faith that I will be able to get better at trading while I'm in another country, providing the wifi is good
  12. Hi all, I am thinking about travelling to a different country while also trading. I only use Ethernet at home, so what is it like trading over wi-fi? I have identified an AirBnB that offers up to 24mbs. This is the max I will get, what is the minimum I need for trading? Thanks!
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