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  1. Can only post in this subforum. Nothing else is available for me to post or reply to. Support won't respond on website. Trying to get this account deleted and my only other post deleted for personal reasons. @Abiel
  2. Hello all, My name is Ben, I'm from Canada in the area of Calgary AB. (my account name for many things is Thomas, began as a kid and a habit ever since. Call me either lol.) My chosen path has always been that of emergency services. In highschool I began as a volunteer Firefighter and progressed by furthering schooling and eventually scoring a Fulltime gig. I quickly turned this into applying to be in a Police force, and have settled there ever since. I found day trading as I took a paid leave of absence for our baby girl (second one). I had 5 months off, and let me tell you, I FOUND day trading. I stumbled right into it, and did it. All of it. Naturally I'm doer, and being a doer, I jumped in. Everything I have ever done it's been sink or swim, and going in full blast. I believe it has served me well in most every facet except this one. Sadly on my 5 months of leave, I learned MANY lessons. I overtraded and watched the market for sometimes 16 hours a day.... but I lost a large chunk of money. Despite that, the whole thing felt a bit natural. The work mimicked the work I do. Fast judgments in stressful situations, exciting returns, I was at home. Sadly I blew my account up badly. I don't regret it, as I believe I learned invaluable lessons about the market that only big losses can teach... I began trading with an awful broker, and didn't know the difference. By the time I figured that out, it was too late. I began living and breathing information but I wasn't in the right headspace to be successful, so I bombed with what little I had left. I took a break, and am now hoping to return. (That break consisted of mass research and absorbing any and everything I could.) I found Andrew's book and read it's entirety in the last couple of days. I had been part of a couple communities, and I believe I am at that cusp of 'getting it' or past the point of just 'survival'. In fact I can FEEL it, and I hope that doesn't sound crazy... whether or not it does, I signed up immediately. I'm so excited to be here, and as I read that book I felt like it was no other literature or course I've read yet. Concise, to the point, and unbelievably relatable. I am READY to start this journey. My career path I believe is not for me anymore. I've spent a lot of time helping, and not helping myself. I want this pursuit for my family and to live a life I can enjoy with them, I don't want to live a life bagged with stranger's problems. That may have been long winded, but I haven't found a passion like this I first had passion for my other jobs. Sadly those paths are harsh, unrewarding, and lonely. I could do it for the rest of my life, but to look back and not have lived is not what I want anymore. I want more, and I've come here to find it. For me this feels like a fight for my life, and for that reason I am ready to fight for it by giving it the seriousness and attentiveness it requires. Once again, lots of wind in the sails there... I'm just very motivated and excited. Thanks for listening if you did, and I hope to make some real connections here with trading, and people.
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