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  1. Me and Andrew talked about a meet up over here in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. We would like to know if there are other people who are open to meet up mid april! Let us know, then we can schedule a date. Kind regards, Rowan
  2. Hi there, My name is Rowan van Kleef from Holland and I'm new at the bear bull trading community, I want to thank you guys all ready for the great platform you've created! At this moment I'm watching all the videos in the education center, so that I can start trading in the simulator from next week. In the video 'How to place both stop loss and profit target in DAS Andrew mentions that in the case you go long the lo range is a market order and the hi range is a limit order. How does this work when you go short? Is it right in that case that the lo rang is a limit order and the hi range a market order? Kind regards, Rowan
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