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  1. I've been in the process of making my tradebook and I just emailed DAS support to see if this option was on the roadmap (as it previously wasn't) and they replied saying that now it's possible. See their response below: "We can enable it on your TD user for you to do yourself or enable to submit the request to us to apply. Please let us know which you prefer and the TD user to enable for Risk Control. Best, [email protected] DAS Support Team" Can someone confirm this is now possible?
  2. I really am struggling to find my edge in this market? I went from trading every strategy and keeping logs of my perfomance to narrowing down 4 strategies and when they work best for me. I know you might think that's a lot but this is my routine: 9:31 ORB - break of the first minute candlestick on a doji candle ABCD Pattern - between 9:35-9:40 using 9 and 20 EMA as the entry and stop loss VWAP Reversal - 5 minute candlestick must break the 9 and 20 ema and bounce off VWAP on a strong stock Double Top and Double Bottom - Looking for this setup around 10:00-11:00 Is this too many strategies? And how does one find their edge? I feel like it's one of those things where "you'll know" but I want to put my time and effort in the right areas. I'll be joining the bootcamp in September and i'm excited to actually hone down my skills but I want to see other's opinions.
  3. Hello Team, I'm using kyle's hotkey setup and wanted to add something that I find useful. After i'm in a trade and it goes my direction, i'd like to set a hotkey to replace my stop loss to my avg price instead of manually going in. It's all about execution speed. So the hotkey i'm looking for is to cancel or replace my current stop loss to my avg price. Does anyone have a current hotkey script that works or something similar?
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