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  1. 10/5 AM - Update Respected targets for $AAPL and $AMD: took profits per swing plan.
  2. $AMD - Currently in swing position. Looking to exit per plan below.
  3. w/o 10/5: $AAPL - Expect choppiness to continue until CMF turns green. Will be looking for quick entry /exists on Swing. Currently in Swing from Friday. Posting my plan below.
  4. I traded $TSLA for the $1K breakout. I haven't traded it since the b/o phase. Thank you for following my journal. Here are my current open Swing positions: $GDXJ $GDX $SLV $SRNE (5% trailing stop loss - in place) $SQ $GRWG $FSLY $SBUX $WDAY - (up 25% - will be trimming today) $ALK Closed positions: $WORK (entered below $29 - sold above $32) $WGO Looking to start swing positions in the following: $WKHS $APPS $YETI
  5. 8/27 Back in the Gold & Silver trade: $GDXJ, $GDX & $SLV WL: Maxar Technologies and Dollar General (on a pull back)
  6. 8/12 Yesterday, got stopped out and stop profits in positions. Mostly in cash and looking for re-entry. Looking at financials and industrial for re-entry. $SLV - over traded and gave back some of the profits. Things I did poorly and things to consider for this week: Over trading - need to wait for the right setup Boring is good; i need to wait for the right setup Entering trades without a strategy will need to losses. It may work sometimes but long term it will be a losing strategy.
  7. Journaling how I traded my strategy today:
  8. $SLV - Seems like $25 is an interesting whole number to take profits. Many traders booking short term profits at this level. $SLV struggled to remain above $25. I have been trading around my position and have formulated this strategy. I used a similar strategy when $IWM was in the $140s.
  9. Hi OTC, I'm glad you liked my summary. I picked up "what I did poorly" from your journal entry . Thanks for sharing with all of us! I follow these steps from my charts: Screen grab chart from DAS Pro Trader Paste into power point Utilize drawing tools 'shapes' in power point to create my swing trading patterns, i.e., H/S, Wedge break out Snag the chart from power point --> save as PNG Upload to BBT forums I've tried many techniques and this was the simplest way to create my chart patterns in a consistent manner.
  10. 8/4 - Swing Trade - Journal Entry Earnings Review: Exited swing trades before earnings (following my rule of not holding a position through earnings); $INTC, $KHC, $DIS, $AMD, $SPCE. $INTC and $SPCE gapped down after earnings $DIS and $AMD continue to march higher after reporting $KHC trying to decide when it will start marching higher to close the gap above in $40's Holding positions through earnings is gambling, i.e, 2 stocks up and 2 stock down. Easily all 4 could have been down and vice versa. I'm glad that I have learnt through my prior mistakes plus BBT education has really helped. Looking for swing trades and setups after earnings in the following: $SPCE $KHC (it came back and retested the H/S neckline it broke from) $CGC $MSFT $WORK: Need to work on a updated chart for $WORK looks like it has found a bottom around $29 - $30 range Things I did poorly: Overly focused on day trading $SLV; missed a good setup in $MSFT today and last week Forcing day trades in $SLV without a strategy, i.e., setups that are not part of my playbook. I still managed to get 1R : 1R because of the current bull market in $SLV. Need to be patient and take trades only with my playbook strategies. $BA: Entry: Low $160's - entered the trade according to my plan Volume in the $150 - one thing I didn't play close attention to is the volume gap below in $160's ; once $BA broke $160's it traded all the way into lower $150's due to the volume gap. I should have set my entry in the $150's by paying close attention to volume and levels. Current positions: Index: $SPY (trading around my position) $IWM (no positions over night - looking to add tomorrow below VWAP plus setup from the playbook, i.e., double bottom, doji candle reversal) $EEM $GLD - don't have to worry about earnings report with Gold and Silver. Fed printing will not stop and the dollar continues to move down which will continue the bull market. $SLV Equities: $BA (not happy about my entry) $MS - Morgan Stanley Cannabis play: $ACB - reports 9/9 $GRWG - reports 8/10 $CRON - reports 8/6 Exited positions: Gold, silver and copper miners. They've had a good run; decided to book profits and take positions off for now.
  11. 7/29 Update $SLV and $GLD - Both are respecting VWAP - trading around my swing position. Add below VWAP if a setup presents and sell above VWAP. $SLV - 4 M shares at 3:02pm [Big red candle]. Price typically turns up after a big volume flush. Learnt it from Thor to watch for volume and change in price direction. I didn't take a day trading position because there was no setup. Also trading around $SPCE position. Sell the news event since yesterday.
  12. Day in review: Things I did well: Focus early morning 4 AM; good sense of Silver - Commodities direction for the day Things I did poorly: Over confidence; jumped into trades without proper setup. Still green for the day; however the day could easily been RED.
  13. 7/28 I work up early to observe pre-market. I was mostly interested in $SLV move. Last night Silver moved up +/-5% after market on very slow volume. This morning (4AM EST) $SLV opened down %5 again on very low volume. +/-10% move in a few hours. Interesting. This week updates - Added // Hold: SPCE (target $30+) - added yesterday. Cabin revel today 10AM PDT GRWG - [added] CRON – Cronos [added] CGC – Canopy Growth Corp [added] FCX – Freeport – Mcmoran MS – Morgan Stanley (added to my position when it dropped closer to ~$50) Index - Added // Hold: GLD – Gold index GDX – Gold miners index SLV: [Added to my position] Exit 1 - $25 Exit 2 - $30+ XHB – Home builders index XLB – materials index [as the price moves up I continue to move up my SL] Closed in Green: KHC (target $40+) – Kraft Heniz - Closed before target met because earnings are coming up this week [7/31] IBB – Stopped out when the index touched the 50 MA IWM – (target $150+) - trimmed my holding as the index marched closed to $150 before the sharp sell out on Thursday 7/23 MAR (target $100) - closed before target met. Charts look good for MAR. Trying to focus my swing trading on a few ideas. Watchlist: MAXR (Aerospace / Defense) – Entry ~$16, Stop $14.5, Exit: $19+ IWM - will be rebuilding position as I sold into strength mid last week
  14. Mid week summary [w/o 7/20] - objective for this week: Remain focused on MAIN ideas best R <> R. Goal: Focus on not more than 10 ideas, e.g., 5 stocks and/or 5 index. Added // Hold: KHC (target $40+) – Kraft Heniz SPCE (target $30+) MAR (target $100) CRON – Cronos [Replace with GRWG] CGC – Canopy Growth Corp [Replace with GRWG] FCX – Freeport – Mcmoran MAXR (Aerospace / Defense) – Entry ~$16, Stop $14.5, Exit: $19+ MS – Morgan Stanley (started position ~$51) Index - Added // Hold // Closed: IBB – Nasdaq Biotech index; probability of trend to continue higher – 2 main reasons: IWM – (target $150+) XLB – materials index [moved up my stop] GLD – Gold index GDX – Gold miners index SLV: [Added to my position] Exit 1 - $25 Exit 2 - $30+ XHB – Home builders index Closed in Green: PEP – Pepsi - currently range bound WORK - [stopped above B/E] - currently range bound NDAQ - target met - exited position Closed in Red: None so far but still have 2 more days to go! No longer candidates // not actively watching them: H: Hyatt Hotels – Entry $50(below), Stop $45, Exit: $60+ BA – Boeing - Entry $160’s (looking to enter in the low $160’s)
  15. Mid Week update [w/o 7/20/2020] - next up review ----> 1 Aerospace & 2 Cannabis play $MAXR - Aerospace & Defense - inspired by space related stocks $CRON [$CGC chart looks similar] & $GRWG
  16. $KHC may be the same as $CPM - watching grass grow. Thank you for calling out spike in volume during down days. I will take a look at VXRT & WKHS.
  17. Mid Week update. 7/20/2020 $KHC -- Kraft Heniz.
  18. Awesome resource! Thank you!! On my charts I see $QQQ levitating above 9MA on the weekly. Weekly candles like to hug 9MA and move with it. I didn't start a long position in $QQQ because of that reason. It's amazing how my analysis, your analysis and etf funds flow all come together - even tough we are looking at different stats.
  19. $IBB - Mid Week update. 7/20/2020 - $IBB up trend still in tact
  20. $GLD - Mid Week update. Adding $GLD on pullbacks. Analysis below. Trying to focus on simple analysis -- less indicators <> more info. Hopefully, this will keep me focused towards better R <> R.
  21. Excellent analysis OTC! I really like your Psychology section I will add it to my chronicles. Your entry & exit on IBM was stellar. Typically I don't trade stocks into earnings, however, I may have taken this trade if I was watching IBM. In the Goal of the day above - what do you mean by? "3SYO"
  22. Thank you Opulent Trading Co. So many ideas and strategies that are working on. My focus is on the idea/strategy that will give me the best R <> R.
  23. Mid Week Update - Week of July 20th 2020 $SLV - Break out (I was long $SLV before the break out as posted starting of this week). My strategy explained in the chart below.
  24. Opulent Trading Co, Like your chart analysis. Looks like your $169.72 support line is based on solid analysis. I will add it to my charts and look at $BA again. Thank you!
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