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  1. Hi: Here's a product that may be useful in potentiating and augmenting sleep results for your clients, carefully formulated by a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, called "RemSleep", by Pfeiffer Formulas. Check it out!
  2. Newbie here, lots to learn, and realize this is basic. Not sure where to post this. Please explain the significance and use of 'spread' as one of the indicators used in selecting a trade. Also, higher volume on bids vs. higher volume on ask side: what does this tell me? A predictor of possible price/trend change or movement? Thanks much!!
  3. Thanks,Justin, for confirming my feelings. Just getting set up, so am proceeding with fear and trepidation. Received a Logitech MK270 wireless keyboard/mouse, but just don't like the idea of relying upon batteries Back-up DAS phone # also essential. Will definitely investigate your suggestion. Big help! Thanks again!!
  4. Newbie here: any suggestions as to whether wireless (wi-fi) keyboard connection is as effective as a hard-wire (Ethernet) connection is to the internet for successful day-trading? Thanks for any/all suggestions. Tingrin
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