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  1. Thanks to Kurt and William for setting it up and hosting in St. Louis. It was great meeting and learning from all of you. Can't wait to learn more everyday :).
  2. Hi! Kurt, I rsvp'd for myself but not for my gf and kid yet...not sure why I am not seeing the page the google from at the top of the page...sorry. Just wanted to make sure I added them to the headcount. thanks,
  3. Excited to meet you guys. My, girl friend and kid will all be there....St. Louis is home so if anybody has a question, i can help with anything feel free to hit me up....Not sure how long you guys are here for but I would be open to have a BBQ/drinks get together in backyard with beautiful fall weather around if there is interest or if you guys wanna plan something else fun in and around town.
  4. My girl friend might join as well depending upon her availability. Her daughter is 10 years old but pretty chill and quiet. Is it okay to bring her or we can look for a sitter? thanks.
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